Fitting new Sky+ box?

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I've got a new V2 box to replace my V1 box so I can upgrade the HDD without the dreaded 17 min bug getting me.

I was just wondering if there's anything I need to know when connecting the new box.

Process as I see it:
Take Sky card from V1 box.
Disconnect V1 box.
Connect V2 box.
Insert Sky card in V2 box.
Ring Sky to activate card in new box.

Am I missing anything? Is there any settings I need to get off my current box before I disconnect it?


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Thant's all you should need to do.

Only settings I've ever changed are the aspect ratio and sound as the boxes I've had have defaulted to 4:3 and stereo rather than 16:9 and DD.



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Too Tall

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Cheers guys for the advise. It was LNB settings I was worried about. I wasn't sure if the Sky guy had changed them when he put the box in or if it was the standard settings. As it turned out it was fine.

I decided that if I was going to spend £150 on the V2 box I may as well go the whole hog and get a 250GB drive. As the 5400 version was out of stock I went for a Maxtor MaXLine Plus II 250GB 7200rpm 8mb Cache and it seams to work fine and only 28db.

One thing to add though for anyone else doing this. If it's a new box make sure you force a download.

Take power lead out
Press and hold the "Back up" button
Put the power lead back in (whilst still pressing the "back up" button)
Once all the 3 lights on the front come on the download has started.

I hadn't done this and the box must have been running an old version of the software that was having nothing to do with my 250GB HD. It finally occured to me at 1am this morning that this was the problem :rolleyes: All sorted now :D

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