Fitting a 2.5" drive into a 3.5" bay - assistance


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Sorry to bump an old thread but this is relevant to me.

I am planning on getting an SSD soon and just wanted to know about how to mount it in a desktop.

These adapter kits for mounting it in a 3.5" bay, is this referring to the bays where regular HDDs go or the the 3.5" floppy/card reader bays?

Ideally, because of the way my case is constructed I would want to put it in the spare card reader/floppy bay, is there any way of doing that? Could I even just use some adhesive foam pads on the underside to secure it or is this not recommended?

Thanks all.


I've moved this to a new thread, as the other one was a little bit old. You should get some good responses here regardless. Starting with me :)

Yes, the adaptors are referring to where a normal 3.5" disk drive would be mounted. Similarly, you can get 5.25" to 3.5" for where optical drives would go.

I personally wouldn't advise on using adhesive pads at all. They could warm up easily and un-stick!


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Thanks a bunch thesilverfox. :)

Shame really, would have been really handy if I could have got it in to the floppy bay.


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Yeah, they're the same size, just a little different in how they look (in my case the rails are a little different)....that's why I asked. If I can get it in to a floppy bay that would be top.

What I want to do is fit a case fan at the front of my PC but this means freeing up the three HDD slots behind it other wise it won't fit.

That's why I need to have the SSD elsewhere.

This item looks pretty good and would mean I could use the 5.25" bay which leaves plenty of room in the case for the fan

Lian Li 5.25" Drive Bay Conversion to 2 x 2.5" HDD: Electronics
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Some SSD's come with adaptor, ie the OCZ Vertex however these only have side screw fittings not underside so it woudn't fit in my upper drive bays in the P182, only on the bottom cage.

As for the sticky pads, can use them if it's on flat bottom area of your case, if you don't move it around be fine (and if it does come off it'll just sit there) Make sure no electrical contacts touch the case.
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Thanks Berties.

I think an adapter like the one I linked to at Amazon should do as I think that is built with side screws in mind. As long as I can get it somewhere other than the regular 3.5" slots then that will do for me so I'll just stick it in the spare 5.25".

As for the SSD itself, has anyone got any recommendations?

The speed issues were what initially attracted me to them. However, having considered it further, the noise aspect is probably more important to me. I am running Vista Home Basic and for some reason it accesses the HDD a lot of the time, even when I'm not doing anything. This produces a constant racket so if a SSD can eliminate or reduce that, then that would be great.

I really don't want to spend a huge amount, and only want it to store the OS on plus a few basic I'm looking at the <40gb market. I've looked at second hand ones as well but there aren't really any worthwhile savings to be made.

The cheapest new one I've found is this one but can't seem to find any good reviews on it.

OCZ Onyx Series - Solid state drive - 32 GB - internal - 2.5" - SATA-300 - buffer: 64 MB: Computers & Accessories

The specs list

Read 125 Write 70 Sustained 20

Does this look any good? Any issues I need to be aware of?


Onyx is older model, go for Vertex 2. As for quietness of course SSD is silent but some Eco models are virtually no noise, I can't hear my WD Green clicking away. And virtually no motor noise either. I do want a SSD, but I can buy a 2TB HD for the same price as a 80GB SSD :-(


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While SSDs are still v. Expensive per GB a small capacity drive used as a boot disk is a significant upgrade... OS, core applications and regularly accessed data could easily fit on a 64GB SSD. Then 1TB for misc. data and apps accesed infrequently... An option?


yeah possible but still the cost..£95 for 60GB.. :-( tbh once Windows 7 is up and loaded it's pretty quick since it puts a lot of stuff in RAM. But of course SSD is quicker, but I can wait a bit longer lol

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