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Fist Of The North Star is my favourite magna film does any one know of any other flims like this,
did not think much to the new fist of the north star series,
t now has new producers and is not as hardcore, the oraginal was the best:smashin


There is a live action version of this movie staring Gary Dainels (yes its that bad!) Not sure if there are any other movies like fist of the north star as I am no expert.

There is a very knowlagble guy on the forum called PoochJD that will have a lot of info on this subject though. Hopefully he will see this thread

It does not have to be fist of north star gene but other films with this adult action and violence!:devil:


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There was a series in the same vein of violence and adult themed manga called Legend of the Overfiend, you may find that interesting. Fist of the Northstar is one of my favourites though(the live action was pure junk!).


There was a series in the same vein of violence and adult themed manga called Legend of the Overfiend, you may find that interesting. Fist of the Northstar is one of my favourites though(the live action was pure junk!).

yeah seen legend of theover fiend still not the same kind of thing thats more horror im sure poochJD will know but hes not online its his bag!:smashin:


Wicked city.
Violence jack.
Ninja Scroll.

All come to mind when thinking of a more adult take on the genre.

cool just like north star style i will check these films out is there any of these kind of films that are newer release's:smashin:s PD


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Firstly, thanks to DaveS for the name check! Much appreciated! :)

Okay, let's see what I can offer you.

There are 4 versions of FOTNS (Fist Of The North Star - saves me writing it out every single time):
- the 1986 anime version, dubbed into English by US company Streamline, and which was the first Manga Video. (And before anyone says "Akira" was the first Manga Video release, you're wrong, because "Akira" was released by Island World Projects, who then decided to create a direct-to-video label called Manga Video! :lesson: )
- the 1995 live-action version, starring Gary Daniels and Costas Mandylor, which is absolutely dire in every aspect. (It's repeated on BBC1 quite frequently, so keep an eye out.)
- the early-1980's anime TV series, which ran to around 193 episodes, each of 25-minutes, and was actually surprisingly good, considering the basic anime style it used. (A very faithful adaption of the lengthy manga series, but sadly only released in the UK, across about 6 VHS tapes each containing three or four episodes, or as the 2005 DVD 6-disc boxed set, containing just episodes 1-36. The VHS and DVD releases, though, are both censored and contain a horrifically bad dub, which incorporates annoyingly grating techno and hip-hop music. However, it does include the original Japanese audio with English subs on the DVD edition.)
- the recent 2004 remake, entitled "New FOTNS", which lasts for just 3 episodes, and is - in my opinion - dire.

Now, unless you can locate a copy of the Japanese DVD boxed-set, containing all 193-odd episodes of the original animated TV show, y=or the old US Manga Corps DVD release of FOTNS from 1986 (which has been deleted for many years now, and is nigh impossible to obtain new or secondhand), then you should stick with the original MAnga Video release, for the time being.

As for similar titles, it depends on what you're looking for: sex, violence, martial arts, or what?

Some titles that you should enjoy, are:
- Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof
- Dominion Tank Police: Acts I-IV, and New Dominion Tank Police (Acts V-X)
- Streetfighter 2: The Movie or the series
- Golgo 13: Special Agent Edition
- Dragonball (but that's only available from the US or Australia at the moment).

There is one other title, DaveS mentioned, called "Urotsukidoji: Legend Of The Overfiend", which may peak your interest. I won't go into lengthy detail about this title, because I've written lots on it in the Forums before, and a quick search of the title and my nickname will bring up the various lengthy threads. However, I will say this: it's good, but complex, and very adult in nature!

The UK editions are cut, but if you want to see the US versions, be warned that importing them, puts you at risk of importing obscene material! This is how strong in content, "Urotsukidoji" is!! It makes FOTNS look like an episode of Play School, so don't go thinking this is an easy or comfortable watch!

The live-action film of "Crying Freeman" is quite good, with Mark Dacoscos, and has recently been on ITV4. The anime series, though, is mediocre, and gradually gets worse as the series went on. Stick to the actual Manga series, rather than the animated version.

"Gantz" is a superb series, as is "Paranoia Agent", but both have been cut for the UK versions. "Millennium Actress" and "Paprika" (which is out in a couple of months) are also both work viewing.

Other than that, I'm not sure what else to tell you. "Ghost In The Shell", "Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence", "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex" (First Gig, and Second Gig, which are 26-episode TV shows), and "Ghost In The Shell: Man Machine Interface" are all excellent sci-fi thrillers, in the form of "The Matrix", but also very complex, and require a lot of patience to get your head around. But they are fantastic, in terms of plot and actual animation technique.

"Perfect Blue" is another excellent choice, if you fancy an animated Alfred Hitchcock psychological chiller, with slasher-movie overtones, and if you want to enjoy the days of childhood innocence then "My Neighbour Totoro" and "Pom Poko" are also worth watching.

Hope that little lot keeps you going. If you want more information or help, let me know, and I'll do my best. :)



It was FOTNS portray of violence which i liked a style i have never seen before,
some one PMed me with ninja scrolls so i have ordered that, any more.........!



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As an addition to the quality titles that have already been mentioned, you might like to have a look at Afro-samurai, which was recently aired on cable (Bravo?).

It was quite stylised, but may have some of the type of action you are looking for...


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Vampire Hunter D is pretty good and carries a similar type of violence, also Ichi The Killer (live action is gruesome, cartoon the

i love the Urotsukidoji films...heh.....FOTNS was a favourite too.....forget the others i watched now, but yes, add Dominion.......there was another but its so long ago i cant remember :(


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I will echo Pooch's statement with Gantz that is simply amazing, such a strong story all mathced with some seriously OTT horror/gore.

Another one that no one seems to have mentioned is Elfen Lied which is EASILY one of the best anime's I've ever seen & is in some parts quite harrowing because you really dont expect the levels of violence that come from seemingly out of nowhere :eek:

If you like your Anime fighting based but dont really need the gore then I would deffinitley recommend both Naruto & Bleach.
Both of which are currently still running in Japan & are well past the 200+ episodes mark :eek::eek:

Also be sure to check out Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens) LOTS & LOTS of school girls fighting :D:D

A few others worth looking at in the "Fighting" Genre would be...

Shadow Skill
Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure
Ranma 1/2
Ninja Scroll TV Series
Samurai 7
Samurai Gun

Then if you just like good stories but look past the fighting side then I really recommend Gunslinger Girl, Absolutley brilliant, sooo much story & the acting is superb.

The you can branch out to these series...

Wolf's Rain
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Gundam Wing
Gundam Seed
Heat Guy J
Devil Lady
Initial D
Chrono Crusade
Area 88

And the list goes on.

I wont bore you with anymore becuase those should keep you going for a while :D:D



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Urotsukidoji is pretty borderline even in its cut form. I have another 4 films in the series but hae yet to watch them. Hellsing is also pretty good and violent. FOTNS was one of my fav's as well.


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Berserk looks cool tell me more :smashin:

Beserk is VERY good in fact.

OTT Violence, brillaint character development & one of the most immersive stories of any series ever be it Anime or Live Action.

Well worth hunting out if you can.


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