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Fist of Fury Reel


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Hey all, my uncle has got one of the original reel prints of Fist of Fury in his attic, but doesn't have any sort of player for it.

Anyone know if this reel is worth anything?


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Depends. Hold up some of the film to the light, does it have a reddish look all the way through? If so it's got faded colour. Sniff the film, does it smell of vinegar? If so it's suffering from vinegar syndrome and is worthless. Now measure the film width to see if it's 8mm, 16mm or 35mm. If it's 8mm there won't be much of a market for it, 16mm still holds some value - depending on the quality you could get maybe £70-£200 for it. If it's 35mm and complete you may get a little more. There are other things to take into account, like how worn the film is (scratches, splices etc), making sure it's complete (are all the reels there?) Is it the original version or an edited version for TV or airline use? (Years ago in-flight movies were run on Super 8 or 16mm projectors). Come back to me if you have any more questions, I've collected films like these for 20 odd years.


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many thanks for your very detailed response, i will forward these details onto my uncle and tell him to get back to me, and in-turn i will get back to you fellow :thumbsup:

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