Fiskars Weed Puller


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Seen this advertised on the telly

Looks good

Anyone used one or knows who has one


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Great acting if it is the one I'm thinking of.

And doesn't it rely on you having a neighbour who will do your weeding for the fun of it.




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Well, I thought it looked good on TV so last time we were at the garden centre we looked for it.
My husband found it, a price tage said £20. I thought, ok if it works as on TV it's worth it.
Get to the till and it was actually £39.99 (the price tag apparently was for some other tool that wasn't on the shelf) :eek:

Looking online would save a little on the price but once you include delivery it comes to around that price anyway.

The price is a bit steep for what it is so we didn't buy it in the end.


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That thing looks awesome. I bet it's crap though.

I was thinking about it this morning when I saw some gigantic dandelions on my lawn.

Solomon Grundy

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Must admit that I am tempted but after pulling out all the weeds in my lawn there would be nothing left to mow!


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Fiskars gear is usually good stuff ..........

this, i bought a pair of fiskar sissors a few years back and i have used and abused them over the years and they are still tight and sharp, they also make gerber knifes which are very highly rated.

im sure that they wouldnt release a poor quality product and especially not with a TV ad.

la gran siete

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not used one myself but spoke to another gardener who has.Apparently they work well at removing weeds with deep roots like dandelions
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Chris Muriel

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I don't see why they should be particularly good at removing deep rooted dandelions unless the offending weed has roots that have grown vertically downwards (which a few do); many dandelions have roots that grow at an angle or bends in their growth path.
I'd love to hear from someone who has actually tried using one of these devices.


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I've got one....really good actually. Simple to use, works everytime and as makes a pump action noise lol

Only issue is it does make a relatively large hole.

Not tried in hard soil yet but it's pretty sturdy so if you could get it in the ground I think it would work...though might bring up a lot of soil and the root would most likely snap

EDIT: Just to add, its ridiculously simple and I'm amazed no one has brought it out before. Basically a large pole with 4 blades at the bottom. A hard bar at the bottom making the whole thing a large L shape. You stick it in the ground, cuts through easily due to the spear like blades at the bottom, stick your foot on the bar at the bottom and pull towards you, using it as a lever, which closes the blades to make it into a claw that grips the plants main section...leverage rips the plant out of the ground leaving nothing bt whatever part of the root has snapped off, enough to kill the plant anyway. The 'pump action' is only used to remove the waste reality its a plastic bit that sits at the bottom of the blades against the main body of the puller, that just slids out to pop off the crap. RIDICULOUSLY simple!!!

Got mine from Homebase. Currently in there the normal version (one on the TV) is £25.99 and the Extendable version (With a spade type handle) is £29.99...though I'm 6 foot odd and the normal version is fine enough
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IL Cattivo

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Must admit that I am tempted but after pulling out all the weeds in my lawn there would be nothing left to mow!

Just wait a month or two and they'll be back :D

Also, there's always next year :smashin:

Mr Ess

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Absolutely AMAZING product. Its the only thing that has worked on my garden and if you're plagued with dandylions or thistles on your lawn, its a god send !

Have a bag of soil and some grass seed if you are doing many.

Within half an hour, I had removed a full bucket full, roots and all, probably 60 weeds. No dirty hands, no bending.......

Tried it in hard (down south) soil and it was okay with thistles but I could onlly get it in around 3 inches so not so good with Dandylions. More moist (up north) soil, no problem !

Its a bit of a running joke with teh misses now.....we see some weeds when out and about and I say "Should of bought my Fiskars"

I got it for about £29 from B&Q around a month ago :smashin:

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