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Hi all

Yes, it's that old story of newbie needing some advice before an expensive and potentially disastrous purchase is made :)

I'm a budding film maker (an optimistic way of putting it) looking for a digital camcorder i can make some short films with. But i'm also on the skint side and can only really afford something up to £500-£600. Looking over the models available i'm considering either a Sony TRV33 or a Canon 650i (which i understand is being superceded by the 750i).

The overwhelming view of the boards seems to be for the Sony (which is a shame since the Canon is fair bit cheaper), but i'd just like to cast around for any further opinions from people with the same intentions as i do. Is the TRV33 the right sort of camera in this price range for the job? Or can i get the same level of control and quality from a cheaper or different brand. The results don't have to be stunning but might be used for public viewing eventually (fingers crossed). I'm not particularly intrested in editing options (i've got Vegas and Premiere for that), still photos and effects i'm never going to use, but DV In/Out is almost certainly an essential.

Any opinions would be very gratefully received

Thanks for your help :)



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For basic picture quality the TRV33 is excellent value for money - the anamorphic mode is great!

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