Question First TV Upgrade since 2006 - LG>Samsung - What to expect?


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Good Morning All,

So, we are upgrading our LG RZ32LZ55 to a new Samsung UE40H6400 next week and I'm wondering what impact going from an 'old' HD Ready set to a full HD one will be...

Key points -

Old LG did not even have HDMI back in 2006 when I bought it, it's been used with an xbox 360 and now and Xbox One. I can notice some ghosting on menus, and have no problem with the perceived input lag. Colours can be rather washed out, and the black levels are really just dark grey tbh.

But, this was a long time ago, and anything I have been using has been run through an HDMI>DVI converter and all audio routed to my Cambridge Audio A5 amp.

The LG will now be used as a second screen in my music studio for my pc.

Will the jump in picture quality be noticeable? For movies and games, are there any fixes to the settings that need to be done out of the box?

The main reason we chose it was the seemingly universal good reviews, price (£360) and plenty of inputs to expand (will be using hdmi for xb1, and sammy HD recorder - which saves on currently going the xb1 pass-thru.) Plus, it's got digital out, to connect back up to my amp via my digital > phono converter. I take it I can have the TV sound running and digital audio out at the same time?

Anyone with info or comments on what to expect would be much appreciated.


-The Good Dr

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