First TV (samsung) - checking freeview requirements


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N.B. I know very little about this stuff, please excuse any stupidity here, I'm just trying to be thorough!

I bought my first TV this week. It's details can be seen here:
It has a built in freeview receiver but I cannot find any reference to it in the manual that came with it though.

I've got it assembled and turned on but the tuning step doesn't yield any channels (air or cable). Currently the only things plugged into the back of it are an ethernet cable (connects to the router fine) and the power lead.

I'm only using the auto-tuner wizard that the TV offers when it comes on.

My initial thought is that I need to buy a cable to connect it to the socket that's on the wall but searching around I haven't been able to confirm this.

The TV is next to the window, on a ground floor flat in an area with good reception. Should it be picking up some sort of signal, or is nothing at all expected?



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You need to connect an aerial lead (the socket on the wall), without it there is no TV signal.


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You need to connect an aerial, unlikely you'd receive anything without, even in a strong signal area. Assuming the socket on the wall is for terrestrial TV and is all connected best to do as you said and buy a cable.

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