First Timer - plasma in recess above gas fire. All advice welcome!


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Apologies if this is going over old ground, but I couldn't find an article describing exactly what I want to do.
This is the existing horror of a fireplace in our new house. We want to replace the fireplace and hang a plasma above, while keeping the gas fire working

It's a brick chimney so I want to build out a false wall to keep all the cables hidden, and put the tv in a recess in the plasterboard for a flush finish, rather than hanging it on the wall.
It'a a Panasonic TX-P42G30B and I will add a small recess for a centre speaker of a 5.1 system.
I've bought a [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]Levv WB3260TB - LCD & Plasma TV Wall Bracket With Tilt for a little tilt[/SIZE][/FONT].

Obviously the gas fire will have to be brought forward about 6", not sure how to extend the chimney forward yet, but I'll get a Corgi man in to finalise the installation. Here are photos of the back of the fire and chimney



I've checked the wall temperature with the fire on and it is cold, but I'll use heat resistant plasterboard around the TV.
How wide should the recess be around the TV to allow its own operating heat to dissipate?

any other considerations?

Thanks in advance.


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Since this is traditional chimney (looks ceramic lined), I'm wondering how I can bring the gas fire forward 6".
Will this require a new different type gas fire with metal flue going up through the chimney?


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might as well answer my own question in case anyone else is asking themselves the same. A fire salesman tells me it is illegal to modify the firebox to extend out into the room (ie an L-shape) chimney to allow me to reuse my class 1 gas fire with the false wall. i work in the oil industry and we do this on a large scale, there is enough draught to make sure the gas flows up the chimney, but alas it is illegal. Therefore, going for a SMEG flueless gas fire, the missus' choice.
Unfortunately it won't be flush with the wall, so I'm gonna suck it and see as to whether it gets too hot for the plasma. I'll put in a nogging in the false wall to allow a retro fit of a shelf/barrier if needed. Will post a model once i work out how google sketch works


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