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Hi all, i have decided to upgrade my system with a samsung 250gb 840 pro ssd.
I was after some advice regarding data migration or doing a fresh install? I am running windows 8 pro and would like to keep the original drive as a data drive and storing some of my games that i have downloaded of steam.

When i had the windows 8 upgrade i ordered the backup disc, can i use this to do a fresh os install on my new drive? And then what would i do with the old drive?

regards leigh


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Currently you have two options, the first is if the contents of your existing drive is less than the capacity of your SSD is to just duplicate the drive and then wie your existing drive and then used it for data etc.

Windows allows you to perform as many clean installs as you want provided the motherboard remains the same. So your second option as you said is to do a clean install on the SSD. The backup disc will allow you to perform a clean install.


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Thanks for your feedback aways987, I want to do the clean install. If i do it this way, I will then need to set my ssd as the main boot drive. What do i do with my original hdd with the same copy of windows 8 on it?


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When you are doing your clean install you either have just the SSD connected on the inside or have both drives.

I have done a couple of clean Windows 8 installs recently and it has got really unhappy when there was another Windows HDD in there.

If I was you here is what I would do:
Open the side of your PC.
Put the new SSD in and connect the various cables.
Remove the SATA cable from your existing data drive and leave your case open
Set your DVD drive or USB to boot so you can do install Windows 7
Install Windows 7
Once Windows is installed and you are using it plug your SATA cable back in on your existing HDD.
Now you copy any documents from it etc
I think all your programs and steam library will have to be reinstalled so it may be worth copying documents to SSD and reformatting HDD to get it completely empty.


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so if i unplug my original hard drive then plug my new ssd in and boot win 8 with my recovery disc i purchased of microsoft when i downloaded win8 it will do the fresh install. My only concern is the product key, would i need a new one? And once i have done it do i just need to plug my original hdd in and format so i can use it for storage?


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Hi sorry for the late reply
You won't need a new product key as your installing it into a system with the same motherboard. (Windows uses the motherboard to identify whether you placing it in a new system) If you were replacing the motherboard then you would need to purchase a new license.

And once i have done it do i just need to plug my original hdd in and format so i can use it for storage?
That is correct but make sure that the computer does not try and boot from it before you've re-formatted it.

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