First time projector purchase - how big is too big?


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Firstly, any comments or suggestions are very much appreicated.

Recently moved home and I now have a dedicted TV room. The main lounge has a Sony 65" TV and I am planning to purchase a projector for the dedicated TV/cinema room.

A few pictures attached of the current room and dimensions.

I am planning to have the sofa in the current position and an electric screen in front of the window. (The radiator will be moved to a side wall).

The maximum size screen I can fit is 106". The viewing distance will be circa 280cm, will this be too big? Should I consider a smaller size?

I will paint the walls a dark blue. I can't get away with Black. Ceiling will remain white initially but may be able to get away with a grey in time.

In terms of equipment:
  • Screen - most likely a Sapphire 16:9 electric sreen
  • Projector - I have a demo of the Epson TW9400 and Optoma UHZ65 planned for next week.
  • AVR - Currently using a Yamaha RX-A860
  • Sub - Rel T5i
  • Speakers, Montior Audio Radius 270 and 200 for the fronts. Back surronds will be Montior Audio Silver FX, with Montior Audio CT180 for Atmos.
  • Will likely upgrade the front 3 channels to the Silver 200s in time.



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Certainly not too big in my opinion, but easiest way to tell is buy and fit the projector first. Project the image at the wall. Make it the size you like. Play around with it for a few days so you can try different sizes. Then when you’re happy, measure it and buy a screen of that size. Makes a lot more sense than buying a screen then realising you want the image bigger or smaller.


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The maximum size screen I can fit is 106". The viewing distance will be circa 280cm, will this be too big? Should I consider a smaller size?
not too big, but as per above... definitely check for yourself... this comes down to personal preference - comfort level :) 106 at that distance is a tad beyond thx spec for immersion... but it might be totally fine by you :)


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Nice size for most projectors, be aware that different projectors have different pixel fill and motion handling, so some is fine to watch fairly close, others not so great, keep that in mind when you go get a demo, be sure to demo different content, dark movies, bright, and mixed, never demo a projector on the usual demo videos, or animated content.


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Both projectors are very good, as already mentioned once you settle on a projector and purchase it you would be best to mount and project on to the wall for a short period to get the size right and then buy the screen then.

106” from just over 9 foot away is perfect IMO, I’ve roughly the same distance from my 112” 2.35:1 screen and the image you’ll see is glorious. And like you I have a 65” in the family room so know exactly how different the size will look.


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Do not think a 106" screen size will look too big at that viewing distance but will double check that the projector you choose has enough zoom and is able to get the necessary throw distance to fill that 106" screen size.

The TW9400 Projector Size is 19 cm x 52 cm x 45 cm (HxWxD), so in a 3,52x3,18m size room. You need to subtract at least the 45cm dept for the projector body, and give some clarence for the connections at the back of the projector, and projector screens vil often have a little distance to the wall behind too, so maybe a 100" screen is easier to work with and fill in your setup.

picture from projector central throw calculator


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Yeah just check and @ask4me2 is correct, with the Epson you definitely can’t throw a 106” image, the absolute Max is 100”. Not sure about the Optoma but worth checking it too.


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Whatever size PJ screen you get, it'll eventually feel normal/small so do not worry.


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@ask4me2 @Luminated67 Damn, you are right! 106" won't fit. Thanks for your input, I'll now look for a 100" screen which seems a uncommon size. And also check on the Optoma.

Thanks for everyones comments so far.


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I don't think 100" will work either the Epson. It would have to be a 92" screen or a short throw projector.

Back to the drawing board.


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Think you will find that a few manufacturers will have a 100" screen, Elite Screens for example, as for throw distance on the 9400 there is this guide:

Epson EH-TW9400W Throw Distance Chart (Examples for common Sizes)
T/R: 1.35-2.84:1
Image SizeInstallation Distance
(Approx. To Lens)
92" (16:9) 2030x1140mmFrom 2.8m to 5.7m
100" (16:9) 2130x1200mmFrom 2.9m to 6.0m
110" (16:9) 2435x1370mmFrom 3.3m to 6.9m

I have a BenQ W5700 PJ but that has similar throw distances as the 9400 (BenQ do have the W2700 that has a much shorter throw distance!?)


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I don't think 100" will work either the Epson. It would have to be a 92" screen or a short throw projector.

Back to the drawing board.
You can throw a 100" screen size from just 3M exactly on the Epson which would give you 2cm clearance at the back of the projector to the wall, all you then need is a short USB extender to allow connecting a USB stick for updates and you'd be good to go.

The Optoma UHZ65 definitely fits with the 100" screen too with a 3.08M throw and with a bit more space to spare because it's on 33cm deep.

So both are doable though on each you are at the max of zoom and by the way this can be an advantage with HDR because maximum zoom means maximum lumens.

As for 100" screen being uncommon, it's probably one of the most common actually.... it's just you are looking on the wrong sites. What sort of price do you want to spend up to and we can point you in the right direction.


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to be fair even 100" viewing distance for immersion will be totally fine... heck even 92" at 2.8m is recommended THX 41.5 degree for immersion... and more than THX maximum 36 deg as well.

this is also all well within the 3 times image height tule of thumb many folks use retailers suggest

id go for the epson over an optoma any day.... as always folks suggest. use a white wall to project with the epson... and then order a screen that fits :)

I don't think it's worth bothering with a 92" screen, I'd be better off buying a 85" TV.
fair enough, jsut seen this... but be aware the 85" LCD you are likely to get is going to be side lit baffled. not even a FALD set which would be VERY expensive for this size ... and even if fald the local dimming over a 85" will mean huge sections of screen trying to be dimmed by LED back lit... jsut not great :)

projectors are still for dollar best way to go for larger screen experience... in my opinion... but many folks can and likely will decide otherwise for their own reasons :)


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I guess it's an old habit of mine from working with and setting up over 1 meter long CRT projectors back in the days with no available zoom and with the optimal and safe use of phosphorus area.

Always subtract the length of the projector to the length for the room to get the available throw distance.

Also, worth mention that some projector manufacturers do not use the distance from the front of the lens to the projector screen as a reference in their calculation, but might use one of the mounting holes for the ceiling mount instead.
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I do see where you are coming from re: 85'' TV vs 92'' projector.

Kind of agree that the 85'' TV will probably end up being a no brainer given the built in dynamic tone mapping, ability to use during the day etc.

Have you thought about a UST projector if a bigger screen?


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Hi all, thanks for your comments.

I've got 3.45m as a useable space. Once you subtract the depth of the projector (Epson), I've got 3m exactly. This allows no room for error and more importantly cables.

When fitting the projector screen flush to a wall, I'd imagine this may sit a slightly in front of the wall?

Sadly I don't think my space will allow for a 100" screen.


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You could build a small projection booth through the window. :)


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