First time projector buyer for flight sims



Hello - I am a potential first time buyer of a projector and I am seeking advice please.
I want to connect it to my PC and use it in place of the monitor.
It will be used with Windows 98SE O/S.
It will be used for playing flight simulators, and also for viewing DVD films run on the computer.
The window blind of the bedroom will be replaced with a white one for a screen.(or should it be grey, having seen that recommended somewhere!)
LCDs seem to have dead pixel probs!
Do DLPs work with PCs?
About 2, 500 to spend!
I'd appreciate your input-Thanks


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Dont be afraid of dead pixels, cant see any on my PJ. Im sure they must be there, but they dont, in anyway stop my viewing pleasure.
DLP s start around 3K so a little more expensive than your budget. The picture quality is better by all accounts, but the Sanyo I have is pretty good.
The Sanyo in common with other PJ has VGA input for computer use. Most LCD PJs are based on business media use, so this is used for presentation purposes.
The Sanyo is around 1700.00 UKP a Panasonic AE100 around 1200, both should make fine machines.

DLP s start around 3K
Cant think of any off the top of my head but I'm sure there are DLP's cheaper than 3K. We bought one for work a couple years ago and that was just over 2k.

If you going to use it for flight sims and DVD's then youre going to have to ask yourself which is more important out of the two.
For DVD's then the AE100 is a good choice. For flight sims the your better off going for a data projector which will be brighter and better resolution, but may not be so hot for movies.
Have you looked on ebay? you may find a good priced data projector that can handle both well.
For flight sims I would have thought you would need a resolution of at least 1024x768.


I tried M$ Flight Sim 2002 on my Panny PT-AE100 in WIDE480 mode (using PowerStrip) it was pretty good. Some games do support widescreen.

However, since there are rumours of a new Sony (October) and a new Panny (October) with better resolution than the PT-AE100, I'd wait a while longer. They are both rumoured to be below £2,000.

For PC stuff, the PT-AE100 is a little Lo-Res. I'd try to get Wide XGA one. When I got mine, WXGA was £3,500.


Thanks for the inputs so far fellas. From what I have otherwise heard, I think XGA is necessary for flight sims, which puts AE100 into touch, yes?
The Panasonic PTLC75e seems to fit the bill. My problem is getting a demo in my area( or within 50 miles ) of Bournmouth.
Any ideas?

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