First time plasma on a budget


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We are having some building work done which should free up some cash for a plasma.
I really cannot go above £2.5K and appreciate that this means last years models or spec but could do with the help to prioritise things to maximize the outcome.
I have a host of players for various reasons and a Denon 3802 but I intend to use in order these players
Pioneer 565
Panasonic HS2 (inc Sky)
Yamaha S540
Sony 900v
I will hopefully only use the least amount of kit and would like advice on what is good/bad and where to buy from, I buy R1 and R2, have back up discs which the Sony doesn't like at times.



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Currently all RGB scart is looped and only the 3802 feeds the S-Video second scart which I sometimes use to view the 565 and R1 through, but not often.
I would like to use component and prog scan if poss, but as this is a first time buy on a budget, all advice wellcome.


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First, I don't think that your budget is going to compromise your choice in screen. Have a look at some of the retailers that are technically supporting this forum.

I think the 3802 switches component video? If so, just get a screen with a component terminal board. Use the 3802 as a switch so that the 565 can go in via this, and Sky/HS2 via an RGB to Component converter.

What's the other toys?

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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Thanks John,
I wouldn't mind some advice as to which should be on the shortlist and it needs to be on a stand but easily wall mountable.
Other toys reffers to stuff which is either under the bed, in the bedroom set up or sold on, stuff includes..
2 RC500
US dvd player
890 recorder
2 freeview boxes
Hence fed up wife!


Panasonic TH42PW6B with stand, input board and delivery £2250. have a look at some of the other threads on here.


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I'd just ensure you've got a multi-region DVD player. I've about given up on the US DVD player because todays multi-region DVD player have a better picture quality - and the US DVD player wasn't bad to start with!

If you're going to have multiple DVD players, then the only option is to have one multi-region and a recordable one. For me, VHS as a recording medium is dead.

2 Freeview boxes??

All the best,



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as I say, "fed up wife".
The US player is under the bed,
the 565 is MR but doesn't like my Panny TV,
the 900v is MR but has a slow layer change and doesn't like some -R...
The list goes on but I shall check out Diabolik's recommendation for the plasma.


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thanks for that, found the site and did some research which suggests this and a Hitachi, I will go and check them out soon.

Out of interest is there a big difference with these two and others at or below this price e.g. LG, Daewoo etc?

I do not intend to scrimp for a few hundred quid and will check these, even if it means hanging on.

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