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My old 29-inch 4:3 Sony is on its last legs and we've decided to get a plasma. Our primary interest is movies on DVD, i've just bought a Pioneer 464 as my trusty old Samsung 709 died. We also watch TV through a freeview box.

I would prefer a unit with integrated tuner i.e. no external box(the girlfriend would prefer this) and I like the look of the Samsung PS42P3X and also the Thomson Wysius but am willing to be swayed.

Soundwise i've got an external Yamaha DTS 5.1 setup so speakers arent a necessity.

I'll also want something with a VGA input as i'll be connecting a custom PC with PVR software.

I would really like a Pioneer PDP433HDE (cos of XGA) but cant stretch to that amount. I'm looking to spend about £3000.

Also should I get a progressive scan DVD player? Will I notice much difference from the Pioneer DVD? I dont mind buying another DVD as I can pop the Pioneer into the bedroom.

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you can get the pioneer you mention at a few places for under £3k...... or maybe im thinking of the display only model....

what about the panasonic models? The pa20 sounds pretty good and up to your challenge.....

As far as prog scan players goes...... decide first on your display, then think about the dvd player. The pioneer for instance has trouble at its native panel resolution whilst the panny I believe has issues with pal pro scan (though this may only be the dvi). That said, prog scan is a total mind blower. You may not notice it so much upgrading, but if you downgrade, interlaced looks awful!

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And as you watch TV thro freeview what on earth do you want with an analogue tuner? Might as well get a panel only, maybe the 433MXE, good prices on that now. That will work well with the PC, and freeview/DVD.

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