First time car owner-where to look?

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OK.I know very little about cars, but have driven 50,000 miles per year for the last 23 years as a sales rep.
Due to redundancy, I lost my car and am now looking to buy one to improve my chances of getting work.
So the advice I need is this. Where's the best places to look? Are there any honest dealerships out there who will look after someone like me? What questions do I ask?
I've not considered budget, new or second hand, type of car etc yet.
I could do with some honest, impartial advice in the best traditions of this forum. Bit vague I know, but I've got to start somewhere.


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Dependant on what sort of car you're after and your budget the first place you should look is the local Free ads. Next on the list are private sellers on Autotrader or Exchange & Mart.

Only after these are exhausted would I look at a dealership or independent trader, unless of course they have the specific car you want.

Normal things to check for are service history, long MOT and hopefully a fair chunk of road tax. High mileage ex rep cars can actually be a bargain as long as they have been well maintained.

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Thanks for those quick responses, and maybe the ones to come.
I'll devote sunday to this, and will have to investigate insurance,warranties etc too.


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Get yourself a copy of yesterdays Free Press, there's a decent motor guide in there with ads from most of the dealers around town, it'll help you get an idea of what you can get for your money if nothing else. You can also pick up a free motor guide from most of the big supermarkets that covers Yorkshire, although the one I usually pick up in Tesco tends to have a Sheffield bias.

There's a nice little garage in Conisbrough opposite the MX5 specialists, they tend to have some really nice looked after cars, and did me a good deal a couple of years ago. It might be called Conisbrough Motor Company or Conisbrough Car Sales.

For insurance, have a look on you can enter your details into their site and it searches most of the big online insurers.


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I was in the same position 2 years ago. I used AutoTraders web site; once you have registered you can enter key words. Leave the make model blank just put in what you want eg diesel, estate, leather, sat nav, up to £10,000 and it will throw up all sorts of cars you may never have considered.

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