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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Chris Frost, Jan 6, 2001.

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    If I were chosing a budget projector for myself, or recommending to a friend, then my choice would be the Sanyo PLV30.

    It's brand new on the market so hasn't been reviewed yet. Its nearest rival would be the Toshiba MT1. However, the PLV30 has better contrast (400:1)and better blacks which mean a more vivid picture.

    The feature list is extensive - inputs include standard and progressive scan component, adjustable colour balance, keystone correction, 16:9 compatible, Remote Control. It's small, light and quiet for LCD. It even looks nice.

    To top it off it has a street price of £2300 inc VAT.

    In summary this is an excellent little product well worth an audition. If you're not impressed when you see it then shoot* the sales person - 'cause they've bodged the dem.

    * Disclaimer - "Shoot" is a figure of speach and not meant to be taken literally. I take no responsibilty for the death of incompetent sales people as a result of showing this product to anything less than its full potential ;-)

    Chris Frost
    Regional Sales Manager-N.England & Scotland
    Owl Video Systems Ltd
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    Could I ask as many of you as possible for your personal choice.
    If you had £3.000 to spend on a projector for your best friend, which ones would you seriously consider for a first projector.
    I have no knowledge whatsoever of projectors and terms used, only what I have read on these pages. I see the names Seleco and Sony time and time again, someone has mentioned Davis and Sharp.
    It will be used in a room 14ft x 10'5 but I am likely to position it in adjacent room and project through an archway, so the distance will probably be about 17ft.
    The only advice I have been given by a local dealer is a Davis DLS8 but as they only stock these I am doubtful whether they are being independant or not.
    I will consider buying second hand.
    Any advice please would be much appreciated even if it is just your personal preference.

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