First time buyer advice please!



Hi all,
I am looking for a home cinema system that will also be reasonable for stereo use (just CD's). I understand that home cinema hardware isn't as good as dedicated stereo gear but I will be using this as a 'second' stereo as I mostly listen to my music in another room.
After spending a while scouring the internet and reading these forums I have come up with the following possibility:

DVD - Limit DVD800SE - £150
AMP - Marantz SR4400 - £199
SPEAKERS - Mordaunt Short Premier - £278

Can anyone suggest any alternatives or would this be about the best deal for the budget? Thanks for any help.


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I would say that for the money, you probably can't do much better.

Maybe it would be worthwhile getting the next model up in the mordaunt short range though. I've heard the Mission FS2 package is going for about £299 right now at some stores, even less if you haggle :)


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