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Feb 4, 2004
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Hi all!

I have been looking to purchase a new TV and DVD system and I am still stuck for making a choice, despite reading this forum for what seems like days now..

My budget was going to be well under a thousand and I wanted a 32" screen but with some kinda finance deal I might be able to stretch to just over this.

Whats the general opinion at the moment on the Tosh 32ZP38? I am leaning towards this because I don't really like the sound of the processing on the Phillips and Panasonics at the moment and its seems like a lot of places are doing good deals. The Tosh also has Prog Scan and Component inputs which I couldn't really find on anything under a thousand unless you guys know differently so I think it is worth paying abit more for.

As for the DVD will this TV work well with the Yamaha S540 and I was thinking of hopefully getting my hands on Mark's custom made Component Video cables - would this be a good choice for this system?

I also have a modded xbox, Yamaha A5, Mission 7 series surrounds, Sony VCR And Yamaha SW320 Sub

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