First time building HT, need help with Yamaha receiver


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Hello everyone, it's my first post in this great forum, but I follow AVS forum for at least 7 years.
I wanted to ask your help for building my first HT, I must to say that on this HT Im going to use only for movies and games, so no stereo needed, I prefer to listen to music from headphones...

Well, I got to good store on my city that have many brands of anything, he show me 2 sets First the store owner plug in QUAD ESL 989/988 and after to Focal Chorus 726 both of them as main speakers but he plug them for very quality AMP/DAC $20000... and right away I told him to plug them to receiver cause that is the way I will hear them on my home, from a source I will be able to afford and use, to my surprise the only receiver he have there in the studio is very basic Yamaha receiver that he told me cost -$350 so I ask him how much Watts for channel and he said 75 watt, that sound to me little low, but maybe I'm wrong.
I brought with me many movies to check the quality of the sound, and the first thing notice even when the receiver was plug to 5 speakers, That I was only able to really hear the sound of the center speaker, and it was really bizarre cause I didn't hear any surround even for a sec... He told me the center is fine and this is the way surround works.

So my questions are, could the result was because the poor receiver that been plug? and those in every HT system the center speaker is so dominant?

Thank you very much and I hope you can help me, pls
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