First sub question. Minotaur?


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I'm gradually putting together my first surround system and I've just bought a Cambridge 540R V2 receiver to partner my front speakers (older B&W DM601s). I'm looking to add a sub, and after much research of these forums, I'm considering the BK Minotaur, as it's as much as I want to pay.

The system will be for used for listening to CD music too, so the sub must be up to it.

My main questions are:
Would the Minotaur extend the bass sufficiently over my present front speakers and would you agree it's a good choice? Any other recommendations?

Cheers :)


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I have a similar set up, and am in the same position as yourself - answers gratefully recieved!

Ian J

The Minotaur should work well with your speakers and will certainly extend their reach downwards.

As I have mentioned already this week the Minotaur bears a striking similarity to the multi award winning MJ Acoustics Pro 50 which rumour has it was actually manufactured by BK anyway.


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Ah, replies! :)

Since I asked the original question, I've started to think I might break the bank and go for the XLS200. Even better than the Minotaur for music? Worth the extra?


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