First speaker upgrade in 10 years. Need some help

Hey all. Finally got my own home and am working toward upgrading my HT setup to match. So far I'm set on the TV, receiver and sub. Now I need C/L/R and two surrounds. With so much to choose from, I have no idea what suits my needs at my budget.

My current setup:

Yamaha RX-V4A receiver
Sony 75" x900h TV
2x Polk RTi8 towers for L/R
Polk CSi A6 for center

I'm looking to upgrade the C/L/R speakers. I'd prefer towers for the L/R speakers.
I'm also looking to add two surrounds now that I have the space for it to turn my 3.1 into a 5.1.

So that's 5 speakers. My budget is around ~$2k USD. They will be used for movies and gaming, very little music.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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What you feel is missing with the Polks or do you just fancy a change as those are quite old speakers? The newerRTiA range is said to be quite bright sounding, do you like that type of sound?

This is UK based forum, but looking what people like there in US example the SVS Prime Tower system would fit your budget. Black oak or gloss finish.

If you want even better main speakers then the new Pinnacle mains based surround system is just tad over your budget.

What is cool with SVS is that you have 45-day home trial for the system, free shipping and return. Also the other bill of rights are so good, man we don`t have these type of goodies here at Europe.

If you don`t have massive room there i would also consider the Ultra range. Yep they are standmount speakers, but higher quality including beefier center channel. You would need to save up just tad more and buy some used 23,7" speaker stands for the mains.

Another popular option there in States is the Klipsch Reference Premiere (RP), here is the older package if you have large room and want to go BIG!
Amazon product
You can also choose the normal bookshelf speakers as surrounds (RP-160M) if you can`t wall mount the bipole/dipole speakers (RP-250S):

Those models are the older range. These would be the latest and these are the largest model so example if you want something little more compact then RP-6000F mains with that RP-504C or RP-600C center channel. For surrounds it really depends what is optimal in your room / do you want to wall mount or bookshelf surrounds with stands.

They also have the smaller surround model for wall mounting at 400$ mark, ideally it shouldn`t go too near corners if possible. Preferably on side wall so each side of listeners, but there is many using them on rear wall too. However if your couch isn´t against rear wall and you have space at the corners then perhaps the bookshelf model with stands is good option too.

What you think of these? You have all the best buys and Klipsch is available in god knows how many shops so you can easily go listen them if intrested! Just don´t look the cheaper Reference range!

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