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Hi all, my first post here but I have been reading for a while and picked up some good information. I am looking to put together a separates system for CDs, DVDs, TV, Radio, and Games Console usage. I currently have a Denon 1920 DVD player and a Panasonic TX26LXD500 LCD TV. I don't have the space for a 5.1 setup at the moment so I have come up with an upgrade path and wish to check that it will work ok.

I am planning to buy a pair of speakers and a stereo amp and use my DVD player as a source for watching DVDs and playing CDs. I will also connect my TV to the amp as well. My thinking is that in future I could add a dedicated CD player, and then buy more speakers and an AV receiver for 5.1 sound if I wanted.

I'm thinking along the lines of a pair of KEF iQ5s or similar and a suitable amp.

Can anyone see any problems with my plan?

Also, would floorstanding speakers require stands as I'm thinking it would be better to buy a pair of £400 floorstanders than £250 bookshelf speakers with £80 stands?

Thanks for your help


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I take it the TV has a tuner with audio out that can plug into the amp, or do you have a separate Freeview/Sky tuner?

Make sure you get an amp with "pre-amp out" and "power amp in" sockets to give you maximum flexibility in future.

Rergarding speakers, you really need to find a decent retailer and go and listen.

Yes, you will need stands for bookshelf (should really be called "stand-mount", as few will live happily on a bookshelf) speakers, but you could get these from E-Bay, as there are few things to go wrong with them, other than a bit of cosmetic damage maybe, that could easily be rectified.

So assuming £350 for standmounts v £400 for floorstanders - I would go with standmounts - but that's just my preference - you should go and listen to make your on mind up I'm afraid!

I'm sure there are plenty of threads on the relative merits of Floorstanders v Standmounts - try a search
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