Question First Second Of First Track Of Any CD Dropping Out Connected Via Denon X3400H


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I originally posted this in the Denon X3400H owners thread, but wanted to create a new thread to widen the audience.

I have a Denon X3400H connected to a Pioneer LX-500 Blu Ray player.

I've discovered that when playing CDs, the first second of the first track on any disc cuts off when you press play, but plays fine if you hit the back button to restart the track.

I believe this is either a sync issue with the Denon or an HDMI handshake issue rather than a player issue, because with my previous player (Cambridge Audio 751 BD) I had a similar issue (although with the Cambridge for some reason it was specific to SACDs CDs played fine).

I've tried replacing the HDMI leads, but that's made no difference. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Is there any fix?


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I get the same thing with my Arcam AVR. The only way I've found to completely get around it is to connect the CD input of the AVR to the BR player with a coaxial digital cable. No delays then.


The LX500 is the new UHD player isn't it? You could connect by analogue for just playing CDs or stereo SACD and use the Denon in pure direct. I had my LX58 player connected by analogue to my Rega amp and by HDMI to my Denon 6200 I've not experienced any problems that you have encountered. Automatic start up on both CD and SACD.

The LX500 has, according to a couple of reviews I've read, an excellent DAC and music reproduction. It's certainly a player I will have to consider if I buy an OLED this weekend.

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