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Hi all,
looking to buy my first projector and sem to have narrowed it down to:


or maybe Benqu MS510 or W700

Will mainly be watching movies vie DVD or Blu Ray and maybe some output from Sky so am looking for advsie on what to go for for

Budget is £500

Also my throw distnace will be about 5M so would like advice on screen size and what type of screen was thinking a pull down one or electric one

Thanks in advance


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I would say that your best bet would be to find an ex-demo Panasonic PT-AX100 AX200 as this will enable you to use the projector at 5m and it will let you experiment with screen sizes.

These projectors were sensations when new and you should be able to find one for half the value you have allocated budget.

Although their performance levels at less that a 1080p projector. As you're starting out this will open your eyes to what a reasonable priced projector can do with some change left over. Please remember though that neither will do 3D.

Regards, Shane.


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The Acer H5360BD can be had quite cheaply if you shop around, and is an all in one 720P 3D projector that I have at around the same distance as you are looking at, get myself a lovely 125"'ish screen onto just a painted wall :)


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I can help!
I've been doing the same thing for days now and have considered and looked into all the units you listed also I have spoken to experts and posted on yahoo answers and av forums and private emails and phoned the shops and have come up with the perfect projector for all your needs = Optoma HD200X
Why = it has 2 hdmi as well as the rest.
it has 1080p for future proofing
if runs well with fast images so games and films are great
it does big images well with great colour and sharpness
it has over 100 reviews from users on line across amazon and all major sites all saying 4-5 stars!
It is whisper quiet too and not too heavy and comes with a free screen in lots of places.
Rainbow effect is not severe.
Also it is cheap = £5-600.00
Bulbs on ebay are £100 and you get 3-4000 hrs.

It is not 3d (that i know) but I'll be buying one tomorrow and it has 1 year warranty or more depending on where you buy it.
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thanks to all for your suggestions - really appreciated

Does anybody have any info on the projectors I was intrested in on my orginal post



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THE 67N (n for nvidia) is good but it has rainbow effect (if that effects you) and is quite noisy and its not 1080p. the other optoma is inferior to this. Also they are both inferior to the 200x. though they are all better than many other brands and models. very tricky price though 400 - :/
good luck


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you can disregard the gt720 its short throw,the 600x and 67n are similar except the 67n is nvidia ready out of box,dont know about the ds3.

if you can get the 200x in your budget then its a no contest.

throw distance is a bit awkward at 5m,its too far for 120" ie 125-150 and its harder to find screens of that size.
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Again thanks for the advice, the throw is 5m cause that was easiest for installation but I could reduce it to 3 or maybe 4 meters. As I say just looking to tap into all the great experience and advice here

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