First Projector (soon!)


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Hi all!

I'm toying with the idea of upgrading to a projector (wall shifting permitting!) & wanted to know if any of you, having upgraded, miss your old CRT for any reason.
I'd be using it as my sole viewing source, replacing my 32" Sony TV.
I was thinking primarily of black levels & (possibly) increased picture grain.

Cheers, Paul


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I had a Panasonic 25" 4:3 TV.

I then got hold of a Barco Data 600 CRT projector.
I have been running it via an Iscan Plus, with a screen size of approx 5ft wide 16:9 ratio. (It's an old projector so it can't handle a larger screen).

Do I miss my TV? Not really, for normal viewing I use a iiyama 19" monitor with my PC.

Black levels have improved slightly, they would decrease if I was using an LCD or DLP projector. Grain is slightly more noticable, but when you are imersed in a film you don't really notice.

Go for it.

Get a good CRT is you can. Roland at B4 Projection has a good supply.


I have a 28" widescreen TV as well. Decided not to go for a projector only, for big sporting events it would be ok, but for general use , having to close curtains, wait for pj to heat up etc. would be a right faff on. Also remember bulbs for PJ can be 300 uk pounds + so thats around the cost of a 28" tv. Stick a telly somewhere and use the pj for films is my advice.


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Agree fully with Karkus30. Use PJ for stuff where the large screen makes a difference - movies, sport, what takes your fancy. Use TV for news, soaps, etc.


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Thanks for the replies all, that's helped a lot i.e. don't think I'll be getting one. :(
I think I'm trying to get a litre in a pint glass & it's not going to happen.
Due to the shape of my room the screen'd have to be in front of a window & the room would have to be adjusted to suit, which wouldn't be a problem but the TV couldn't go in front of the window as I'd get no light in the room (exaggerating for effect) & it wouldn't look very good either.

Thanks again, Paul

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