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Going to be buying my first projector later on in April, which will be the Benq W1070.

My bedroom can be light controlled, the throw is 3 meters, and i will also be viewing from 3 meters. I'm looking at projecting a 85" screen from the Projection calculator, although will have a look at going higher based on personal preference etc.

My question is, i was looking at painting a wall but have since found some motorised screens on ebay which have caught my eye. Only problem is, the actual projector screen is going to be larger than what i will be projecting.

I don't think this will be a massive issue personally, but just thought i'd grab a couple of suggestions from you guys.

The screens i have been looking at for anyone interested are:

£117.99 100" - 100" Electric Motorised HD Projection Projector Screen Matte White 16:9 | eBay



Anybody know of shops in the uk or online which sell screens as couldn't see any proper sites on google?

Thanks guys!


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I went with a electric screen to start with then the novelty of having one wore off because I got fed up of waiting for it to go up and down and went for fixed frame screen instead, electrics are ok for if you have a telly on a wall but I tend to use mine all the time as the big screen with no tv, it would look lost on my wall without it being at least 80" tv lol.
You should be able to get about 100-120 (3.13m max at full zoom) at that throw on full zoom with that projector unless the calculator is wrong that im using Projector Screen Size Calculator , id go with about 100" to save overusing zoom.

I have to use a 15ft throw with my current w5000 benq (and thats it pretty much pressed against the wall) to get 120" so you should get a better throw with the newer model!

If your getting the projector first id leave your wall as is and screen choice till you have the projector to play with then measure up :)

Good luck


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