First projector BenQ X1300i


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Hi All,

Looking to get a projector, want it for 50/50 films/games for me and my 2 young boys...

my room is 3.2 x 3.2 with a pc desk along 1 side. At the moment everything is white but dont painting, was thinking all grey including ceiling apart from projector wall which i was going to leave white? we will be sat at one end with projection on far wall.. and also will put up blackout curtains so should be darkish...

Was going to project on the white wall for now??

For a projector was looking at something like BenQ t850 or W2700 or the Optima UHD42 but also have just seen this... BenQ X1300i which although is not 4K looks quite good?

Budget is up to maybe 1500? Would like new as would like the warranty and was maybe going to wait till Prime day or black Friday if it is worth it?

Or should i just go for a 1080?

Any opinions would be much appreciated as it seems quite a mine field..

Thanks Luke

BenQ X1300i : DLP 1080P LED avec puce DMD 0,65″. – – Le Blog de PHC –
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you should look at AVSforum for projectors like this one.

looks good on papers though.


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this projector is now available to purchase at AVPartmaster and initial trials shows promising picture quality at this price range.


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I am really interested in the x1300i myself. I am looking for a tv replacement and was considering spending more on the epson tw9400 but I don’t watch any 4K stuff to be honest. So not sure I need 4k at all plus the bend is 3000lm vs 2600lm of the epson.

I know the epson has lens shift which will make it easier to set up but I can get a 120 inch screen from both projectors at same mounting distance.

Just waiting for more in depth reviews and maybe richer sounds sticking it to get a good warranty.


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it all depends on your room condition.

Remember Epson's lumens are CLO so they are equal for all colours i think it is may be same for this new LED engine as it uses different colour LED lights instead of a DLP colour wheel

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