First Projector (£100 Budget!) Cheap Chinese jobbo from rainforest or 2nd hand optoma HD70


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Hi all, long time lurker here!

The missus wants a projector in the bedroom, she isnt aux fais with technology and doesnt understand the technicalities of high def and resolutions but she does know what image quality looks good and what doesnt.

She has seen a sub £100 projector on the rainforest website, its a Elephas 2021, 1080p allegedly etc. I've told her we'd probably be better off buying a 2nd hand older projector from a reputable brand that will likely have better image quality. I've seen a Optoma HD70 locally for £80 with 250 hours on it.

Would i be mad not to purchase the Optoma? It'll just be used for an amazon firestick with audio being supplied via Bluetooth speakers connected to the firestick.



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Go for the HD70 (I had one many, many years ago), I wouldn't touch the Chinese crap with a bargepole.


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I second that don't touch the Chinese piece of junk, be the worse thing you'll ever buy.


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Thanks all. I went ahead and purchased the Optoma HD70. Got it for £60 in the end which i think is a steal. Quick question, does anyone know how to reset all the colour settings back to default?


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thank you! Got my screen mounted to the ceileing and the projector mounted high on the wall. Very impressed with what we've achieved.

Thanks all for everyones help.

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