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First post! Bi-amping a P7.




I'm around a month away from finishing up my Home Theater, and I currently have the AV8/P7 combo (as well as a DV29 and CD23). I'm going to be running double speaker cables from my 7.1 set up (which consists of Paradigm Sigs ADPs/S8s/C5 and a Servo sub). I've recently spotted a second P7 for sale at a reasonable price ($2700 -- around 1500 quid), and I was wondering if it is possible to bi-amp my speakers into both P7s, and then into the AV8.

This will be my first time attempting such a plan, and I'm hoping my head (and amp) doesn't explode when I try and figure this out.

If a "P14" :) system isn't going to work, does anyone have any recommendations?

Much obliged, and thanks in advance for your help.




From what I understand a P7 has an output for each channel so all you need is a second cable to go from the output of say front left on the first P7 to the input of front left on the second P7.

So no reason why you cannot do it.

Not sure how much you will gain from the rear speakers with bi-amping them. I'd maybe consider a P35/3 to just bi-amp the front 3.



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Yep, I heard two P7s biamping (from memory) a PMC speaker setup. And mighty impressive it was too. I stuck with the one P7, due to:

i) Cost
ii) Low "Wife Acceptability Factor", and
iii) My current speakers have only a single terminal set


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I too have tried a bi-amp solution using to p7's

Its a great sound.....only problem is housing 70Kg's of amps !!!!!

Pity I had to give the second one back ...

Ultimate solution PMC Ob1's (Tri amp) and matching centre... 9 channels of amp required on the fronts alone !!!!!

Oh sweet music !



Yeah, finding a place to put two giant amps is always an amusing conundrum!

I bought a 900 ib (sorry, US weights and measures -- that's around 400 kg) teak cabinet with castle doors fixed to the front, and I'm placing that (with the help of Geoff Capes) on the concrete floor of my basement, then acoustically sealing the wall around it.

I'll post pictures in a month or so (of the P7s, and not my expected hernia!)



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