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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Linkeh, Jul 1, 2004.

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    First post, be gentle :)

    I have just bought a new 2 bed house which is in bad need of a total refit (its been rented for the last 15 years). The great side of this is that i have a nice new living room (rectangle 13' by 16') in which to sort out my av kit. At the mo i have a 32" phillips tv low end yamaha amp, tosh 330 dvd, sky plus and mission m74, m7c1, m7ds speakers.

    Because of the layout of the room, there is only one real way of placing all my stuff. I am also want to replace the tv for something bigger but after looking about i have decided to get a projector and keep the tv for normal sky stuff. I also need a new amp and speakers as that lot are going to other parts of the house.

    I have been looking at the panasonic ae500, as its had good reviews and has all the features i want and is about the right price i can afford. I also going to order this drh screen, i need a 92" screen which can be hid in the celing and be automatic. The only problem i can see is the pj has a short throw lens and this means mounting the pj in the celing . I can live with this is if HAVE to but have no idea how to mount the pj. I would like to mount the pj on the back wall and box it in, but the projected min size will be well bigger than the space i have.

    The questions i have are

    1. Are there any other projectors with as good connections and picture as the ae500 that can project onto a 92" screen 15/16 foot away? I would like to spend no more than £1400 if not a bit less.

    2. I need cables to connect the pj and i will need them to be nearly 10m long. I dont mind spending cash on decient cables as they will be hidden under floors and very hard to get after the refit is finished. I think i will need at least component, DVI and one other, suggestions?

    3. To mount the pj i would like to box it in on the back wall high up, but i dont know if i have to mount it the rightside or upsidedown, can the pj flip the image?

    hope someone can help


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