First Pc game for 5 years -- recommendations please!

Matt Horne

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This weekend (hopefully) I will be building my new shuttle PC, my first decent spec non-laptop for 5 years.

Heres the Spec :

Shuttle Reflexion (Based on SB61G2 model intel 865 chipset)
P4 2.8 800fsb Hyperthreaded processor
1024MB OCZ C3200 Platinum Ram
Samsung 160GB HD
Sapphire Radeon 9600XT fireblade.

So I am looking for a game to try out on it.. I already have a GC and Xbox So I would like something PC specific.. a good RPG (or online RPG) would be good.. but I am open to suggestions..

I have not paid any attention to PC what hot?




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Can't really comment about RPG's from a personal point of view because they don't really appeal to me. However, there are a couple of titles that are supposed to be good. They are Morrowind and Baldur's Gate 2. But I'm sure other people on the forum will be able to expand on this...

I'm more into FPS / Action games and since you're open to suggestions, I would recommend the following:

Single Player (Modern)

Max Payne 2 - Strong storyline with bullet-time feature (Matrix kind of style). Perhaps a little short though.
No One Lives Forever 2 - Spy game (like 007) with stealth type gameplay (The first game can be picked up for under a fiver by the way)
Mafia - 1930's gang warfare involving car chases, shoot-outs, bank heists etc.
Jedi Knight II - Not much to say is there? :p Must of seen the films? ;)
Deus Ex - Furturistic setting with tactical gameplay. Very diverse missions. (This one even has some role playing elements and can be picked up for around £5!)

Single Player (Historic)

Call of Duty - WWII game that has some terrific gameplay. All over a bit too quickly though IMO.
Medal of Honor - Like COD. Very immersive and atmospheric.

Multi Player (Modern)

Unreal Tournament 2004 - A futuristic FPS with vehicles. Packed with tons of features and will ship with 100+ maps! Wasn't a fan of UT2003 but been playing UT for the last 4 and a half years and this one looks very promising. (Will be released soon, but you can try the demo in the meantime ->

Multi Player (Historic)

Battlefield 1942 - Intense tactical WWII with 30-odd vehicles to use in conquering maps from Europe to Africa.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Team-based tactical gameplay with objective-based missions.
RTCW: Enemy Territory - Same as above (but free to download ->

If you have broadband, it might be an idea to download some demos first just to see what appeals to you and what doesn't.

Anyway, hope this helps



Originally posted by InsertNameHere

Deus Ex - Furturistic setting with tactical gameplay. Very diverse missions. (This one even has some role playing elements and can be picked up for around £5!)Alex
I was thinking Deus Ex as well (just playing it the second time as it was so good) but did not mention it because it would not be pushing his system, but hey it is not pushing mine and I’m still playing it. For some so good games go here..

Morrowind is graphically stunning (a bit like the nature scene in the 3D Mark) and is in the line of Daggerfall if you ever played it and lets you do things more or less at your time of choosing, rather than you have to do this next. IT is available at present with 2 add on expansion packs in the same package. I must say I got a little bored near the end and have not yet completed it as there was too much running from one place to an other even with the boots of speed it got a little repetitive.


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EVE:Online looks absolutely gorgeous and is worth the free month, I believe the latest PCGamer has a copy on the DVD (I think this is a 7 day trial).

Dungeon Seige looks really nice and is currently low in price, it is a couple of years old but still looks amazing.

FFXI looks amazing too, but you need to import this from the states and it can be quite difficult to get into.

X2: The threat is supposed to be a fairly good game with stunning graphics. Elite style game so is space combat with RPGness.

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If you are looking for games that will get the most out of your new PC, I would suggest....

Max Payne 2
It is a bit short, but the graphics are gobsmacking and while it lasts it is utterly compelling.

A subscription game I'm afraid, but keep an eye out for the regular free trials. There is a bit of a steep learning curve, but it is well worth it IMHO.

Championship Manager 03/04
Just because everyone should have it. :smashin:

Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic
Not played the PC version myself, but its supposedly better than the (amazing) Xbox version.

Call of Duty
Nuff said - the best single player WWII shooter.

I would also keep your eye out for some impending releases - Deus Ex : Invisible War, Doom 3, Battlefield Vietnam, Far Cry and (one day) Half Life 2.

Greg Hook

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I would recommend X2-The Threat. It has amazing graphics and the gameplay looks good too.

But you need a good PC to play it, my P4 1.7 is just not up to it.



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All off the above will give you great gameplay but I'd like to add Neverwinter night to the equation:)
You can pick it up with the first expansion pack (Shadows of Andrentide) for £17-99 at play.

Matt Horne

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Cool Thanks for that everyone.. lots to choose from .. (unfortunately I am still waiting for the RAM to arrive :( so much for next day delivery)



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Oh yeah NWN is great!


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Hi Matt hope your well

id try BlackHawk Down, its a hard but fun game, also you could get hold of UT2003 and ill play online with you, although will be moving to UT2004 but 2003 will be good for a few mths yet.
Ill teach you how to not be a noob at this game

Planetside probaly wont be a good idear if your new to online play as it can be a bit confusing...
Grab the older medal of honour games for some classic fun.
If u like RTS games try Age of mythology and Praetorians.
Halo if u havent played it on xbox as its better on PC

as said Deux Ex .... old but gold.

Oh and dont forget command and conquer generals(and the expansion PAK) as this is real fun.

I cant wait for Halflife2 and doom3 but i think there will be a couple of suprise clasics this year

if you can get hold of a logitech MX500 optical mouse, this will make a huge difference to you aim and makes it easier to snipe due to the extra DPI it has


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Most if not all of the titles mentioned are available on xbox or ps2.

If you want a pc only rpg you cant go any better than neverwinter nights mate. :smashin:

Matt Horne

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I have to admit.. that I am quite tempted by eve online !



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It is a good game, looks absolutely stunnning but can be a little difficult to get into. Try the free trial :)

Matt Horne

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Where do I get the free trial ?

Thanks... RAM is now arriving Tuesday so as Long as it all works I should be up and running that night!


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Plenty of good games for you to exercise your PC and your wallet on:

Command & Conquer: Generals

Medal of Honour: Allied Assault

Call of Duty

Pro Evolution Soccer 3

Max Payne 2: Fall of Max Payne

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Neverwinter Knights

Warcraft 3

Rise of Nations

The Elder Scrolls 3

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