Is it just me or do other owners of the first pace digiboxes think their menu system is slooow? I often get "programme information not available" when scanning through my favourite channels.

I know it is BAD, having experienced another more modern digibox but I'm concerned the picture and sound may not be as good.


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The speed of the menus and interactive systems are solely down to the main processor and perhaps the amount of ram. When the Personal Planner software was launched it put a huge strain on the design of the first generation digiboxes and only later models have the processing power to manipulate the data quickly.
The "programme information not available" could also be a symptom of the last buggy software release which seems to also cause EPG listings to need to be reloaded far too often.

Video and audio decoding are handled by dedicated processors not the main processor so there is no need to worry about the mpegII output of older models.

Unless there a technical fault with the hardware of course:)

People have mentioned the varying "look" of digibox output but this is down more to how each manufacturer deals with the reference design. I can not see/hear any difference between my PACE 2200 and PACE SKY+ in terms of video output and phono audio outut.


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My pace digibox is extremely slow. The tv guide is so slow that it's almost unusable - it takes about five seconds for the screen to catch up with your button presses.

I got it when sky digital was quite new. My father in law got one a while back, and while it looks like the same model from the outside it much much faster.


My Pace digibox is painfully slow too. I got it installed on the 6th October 1998, I'd ordered it on the day Sky launched their digital service.


hey guess what mine sucks too. I have the early pace box and I complained to SKY that ever since they have got better EPG software i can hardly use the tv guide it's always needing to be switched off and rebooted again. SKY aren't interested they will charge you £60 for a call out to replace the box with a newer panasonic but thats about it. It doesn't really seem fair that our boxes can't cope now and if anyone gets a result out of SKY about this let me know, maybe we should all complain until they upgrade the boxes after all we have been paying for the service since it was new!! Gripe over!!! lol


I have the same problem, i have a 3 year old Pace Box that i loosing all of its listing. I HAVE to reset it ever day ! Its SOOO annoying! But Mattk, £60 isnt bad for a new digibox. They do cost about £150 new.

Ill give Sky a ring and get a new box for £60. I cant be bothered to argue with sky. They just dont care !

I havent rang sky about this yet, but they will be recieving a call soon.

But shouldnt Sky Praise there "OAP" members of sky digital ?!


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....especially when you consider that we paid about £160 to get the hardware, which they proceeded to give away free later on.

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