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I am completely new to NAS so not sure if the following will work, for my home setup. I am thinking of this:-

WD 4 TB My Cloud Home Personal Cloud: Computers & Accessories
£139.99 -price attractive!

My computers are:-

2 x 64bit Windows 10 desktops (wired ethernet to Virgin router; all other devices wifi)
1 x 64bit Windows 10 laptop
2 x Andriod 6.0 tablets
1 x Andriod 5.1.1 tablet (only use to connect to Chromecast Audio on Onkyo receiver and play FLAC files, iBBC player Radio or Qobuz streaming)
1 x Andriod 8.0 phone
1 x Andriod 6.0 phone

8 devices in total. At present just under 2TB of data stored on these various computers.

Would the WD device enable me to store all the data from these computers (there is a lot of duplication as the large micro SD cards on the Andriod devices hold the same 90GB of music files); backup is becoming a problem so one device holding all the data, with just one backup HDD needed (already have 1 x 4TB drive I could use as backup for the WD)

Looking for any advice before purchase?


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The WD's home units are known to be very restrictive in what you can do with them, I would pay extra instead for a QNAP or Synology with 4TB HDD, that will give a lot more flexibility especially in dealing with having a central music server that all the other clients can access via smartphone apps like Q-Music or Audio-Station. You can also use other third party music servers instead of the baked in ones.


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By putting everything on a single usb hard drive you are creating a single point of failure. What will you do if that drive was to fail ?
When doing this it is imperative that you factor in a backup of all the data concerned. This could be another usb drive or cloud space.
By using a NAS box from the likes of Synology or Qnap you are giving yourself some resilence before having to resort to the backup. But note - resilence - is not a replacement for a backup.


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I have mentioned that I will have backup, just as I do now, but much simpler as only one HDD to backup.

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