First impressions on 436 XDE..


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Well considering I have dropped in size from a NEC 50 XM 3 to the Pio, the screen doesn't actually "feel" any smaller.

I have to say the image is noticably superior to the NEC.

I've switched from component to HDMI from my pio 868i DVD player so as well as a better image, I have a lot less cables running around.

Not had the 436 calibrated yet, but blimey out of the box, a quick demo of starwars II shows much better colour on the battle scenes with light sabres etc.



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Glad you are pleased with it. Have a look at my thoughts in the other First Impressions thread if you like. I posted an update tonight.

Not surprisingly, I think these large flat screen panels are very sensitive to the quality of the signal they receive as they just amplify any problems. This may be the reason why not everyone was impressed on first viewing? I've seen some appalling images displayed on 436 XDE's in high street chains. Resplendant with over-saturated colour, pixellation and severe judder, even on HD! Just goes to show, don't blame the panel till you've checked everything else folks.

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