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I'm looking to buy my first HD TV, strictly CRT's (and generally old CRT's previously); HD LCD/Blu-Ray with a new PC and appreciate the difference, planning to spend around a grand online (tho less is fine).

9-10ft from TV position to main sofa, other one is nearer at 90 degrees; 40-42" seemed about right, current sources oldish DVD player, occasional VCR, WD HD TV, original XBOX (gaming + XBMC) all on 35" CRT. Once I have the new TV likely to pick up a Blu-Ray player, XBOX 360 (gaming, media source) as well. And likely to move somewhere I can put up a dish and get sky HD, mostly for sports (only Virgin where I am seems to = minimal HD broadcasts, but would like the SD to look good, or at least decent)

First result of research was an LED LCD, leaning towards Samsung 6000/7000/8000 series, partially looks, partially SD performance, partially HD performance (in the immediate term, particularly good SD performance is a big plus).

Then read more about plasmas, and they sounded better overall for how I'm likely to use the screen, and in fact better overall (motion in games/sports/action movies, much better blacks, better for SD), and thought the Panasonic's sounded best for the money - a G10 (saving a few £100) or a V10, and in fact I'd decided a V10 was the way to go.

Then, I start to read about burn-in, and IR, and screen burn, and now I have no idea; this all seems to date from 2006-2007, and is described as 'much better now', but it's easy to feel paranoid. And then apparently the V10 range that I'd decided on is being discontinued, which isn't exactly encouraging (better and cheaper soon? better but more expensive soon?)

So, any suggestions or advice? Should I just go and find somewhere I can audition (or whatever the visual equivalent is) these or similar sets? I'm no videophile and the 26" LCD on my PC from 4' seems fine for SD and HD sources (some SD definitely looks a bit blocky though), and games look fine (e.g. the blacks and movement on Batman AA), and I don't see any flickering running at what's purportedly 60Hz.

And specifically - does the THX certification on the V10's make that much difference (assuming I'm getting a decent Blu-Ray player)? For sports or games would a 100HZ LCD, or 200HZ LCD, or nominally 600Hz plasma make a lot of difference? Would the blacks be good enough, or more than good enough, on an LED LCD rather than a plasma? Is the whole 96Hz playback of 24fps video from Blu-Ray good, bad, irrelevant (seems to be a bit of a holy war about it, which always makes it hard to judge)?

Well, enough rambling, any comments/questions appreciated, if not I'll carry on speaking to friends and colleagues (responses so far are either blank looks or whatever I have 'is great and works really well', hence the post...)




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for people like you who are just now making the switch and paranoid about plasma TV Id say the Sony W5500 series would be one of the best option.

They have very good PQ out of the BOX.
exelent black level, and color.
sounds are also good, although i recommend u to get a dedicated sound system.

So this is a very good all arounder.

The only area it lacks alittle bit is gaming.

so if ur a serioes gamer then u should buy

The LG SL8000 series which is one of the best LCD TV for gaming. (I own on of these!)

dont bother about the LED they dont worth the money.

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