first go at cfw


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well my datel battery arrived this morning,so with scotty's so called idiot proof:eek: guide i'm gonna have a go at installing cfw on my fat psp.i have a 4gb sony card and have downloaded the easy installer but as i'm a complete numbskull with computers it won't be long before i'm back asking the stoopid questions.why wait,here's one for starters - i have downloaded a few psp games,will the cfw make my psp region free or do psps play games from other regions anyway?


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right,that was a lot easier than ithought it would be due to scottys great guide.couldn't complete the last part,upgrading to 3.9 as the message "couldn't start the game" kept coming up.anyway now i want to play isos and csos on my psp am i right in thinking that i need to install devhook to do this?i've tried searching on av forums for a guide on how to do this but can't find owt.anyone got any tips? cheers,mick


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hi mate,

turn off your psp completely and when you turn it on again press and hold the R button. in the recovery menu goto configuration then goto UMD mode and change it to M33 driver

in the root of your memory stick create a folder call iso and add all iso and cso files there.

turn on your psp and goto memory and then select down to choose your game


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thanks for reply mightymouse,nothing happens when i turn on psp holding right button:(.could this be anything to do with not being able to update from 3.8 to 3.9?thanks again,mick


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right,think i've sussed it now.just put a disk in and it allows me to play games off the stick.very happy now:thumbsup:


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If you are on 3.80m33 then there is no need for a umd to be in.
I don`t know what scotty`s guide says on upgrading to 3.90m33 but if you have a wireless router you need to configure a network connection on your psp then go to Network Update on the main psp screen(the xmb) and connect .This will go direct to dark alex`s updates and all you do is follow the instructions.
For a manual update go and get the 3.90m33 update from dark alex,psphacks etc and copy the UPDATE folder into /PSP/GAME/.
Get the 3.90 sony update from somewhere, and put it in same folder, with name "390.PBP".
Run it, the update will be done by Sony updater. At the end when you are asked to reboot the
PSP pressing X or O, do it.
One other thing you can(should) do is format your memory stick in the psp so it creates the correct folder structure.

To change the driver you are using there is no need to go into the main config menu(by hard powering down the psp and then restarting holding R button),you just press select and the VSH menu opens select your umd driver here i have found the Sony NP9660 works best.


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The 3.90m33-3 update should already be on the stick as its included in the installer.
just select the install from Game on the XMB


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just to be clear on this,it's nothing to do with scottys guide it was something i was doing wrong that cocked it all up.the guide really is idiot proof,just not this idiot thanks again for the guide i'm off now to play god of olympus,what a game :smashin:

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