First Gaming PC - Help!!!!! Performance / Build


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Hi. I am currently looking to buy a gaming computer.
I have never had a gaming computer.
I want my new pc to run most if not all modern games at 60fps in 1080p (minimum).
The computer will mainly be for gaming and general use - not for content creation or anything else of that nature.
Below are the specs I am planning on going with.
I just want to double check that this pc build is capable of what i need with people who are more tech savvy than I am (I have watched plenty of videos and I am just getting more confused the more I watch them).
Any comments / suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Aerocool Aero-800 Midi case
i7 7700 3.6GHz Kaby Lake Processor
ASUS Z170-E ATX Skylake Motherboard
8GB 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4
ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Dual O.C
250GB SK Hynix SL308 SSD
1TB Seagate Barracuda 3.5 SATA
700W Aerocool Integrator 80+ Power Supply
Be Quiet! Pure Rock BK009 CPU Cooler


Looks good to me although personally I would have 16gb of RAM. You can also use a lower wattage PSU if you wanted to save a bit of money - 600W is fine for those components.


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Thanks for the reply.
I honestly did think about that aswell, however if I need more RAM I can always just buy some more and slot it in.
Will only having 8GB make much of a difference?
Or will having 16GB make a world of difference?


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I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so those more knowledgable may correct me, but the i7 paired with the 1060 seems an odd choice.

The 1060 is indeed the 1080p/60 choice card, but I would have thought an i5 would be more suited to pairing with the 1060 without constraining it.

That said, if you play particularly cpu intensive games you may see the benefit of an i7, but i think that is a fairly limited selection.


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Whilst 16GB is not a minimum requirement nowadays you may want to take into account anything else you do whilst you have a game running such as searching for videos on said game or guides and such or just alt tabbing during breaks or having a very long session.

I find myself exiting WoW and reloading a few times a day as its crept up to ~3.5GB of usage.

Modding a game will consume more memory as well and once you start with mods its like opening a pot of pringles.

I wish I had 16GB of memory in my machine but since I am saving up for a new one (Big chunk was used for 2x10TB storage drives so a little further off now lol) I don't want to fork out for just another 8GB.

i7 may be a tad overkill just for strictly gaming but I guess if you have the budget for it then it should last a good long time (unless it doesn't expire from natural causes).

Alterations to an inquiry such as this is tricky in regards to how much you are working with.

Myself personally was looking at an i5/1070 machine myself with 16GB of ram.

Since this is a gaming build I will mention to you that 250GB SSD is going to be mighty small, its nice for an all rounder machine that you can slap one or two games on.

Don't underestimate the quietness of having no mechanical drive noises whilst gaming.


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Go with the i7. My i5 4670k hits 80% usage and that is with battlefield 4, which is a few years now. I imagine it will be a lot higher for battlefield 1 for example.


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Thanks a lot for all your replies. It has been good to get opinions off other people with more experience than me.
This has helped me to justify my purchase.
I hope my fiance is ok when she sees a big chunk of money disappear from our bank account.

Thanks again

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