First game you remember playing?


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So far i can remember i played Half-Life for the first time i ever touched a mouse and keyboard!

What about you? :)

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I know it was an Amiga game, possibly Monkey Island. Remember getting the Amiga on Christmas, my first gaming experience.


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Pong on an Atari (I remember two controllers with a twisty thing, think it was the Atari 2600),
Bruce Lee on the 64 (My Uncle's and the first proper game I played as a little kid),
Jet Set Willy (with the code for unlimited lifes - I remember the man falling over and over again - then having to restart and wait 20min for the game to load :laugh:) on the Specky+ (my first Computer, It got played to death)
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Another one showing my age, Blitz and/or Ski on the Vic20.


My first console was NES but I can't remember much other than unwrapping it one Christmas.

The first gaming experience that I can remember is playing Sonic on the Mega Drive. My Dad worked away on oil rigs so we wouldn't see him for months at a time. One evening he came home unannounced and had a Mega Drive as a gift for us.

We had Sonic 1, Altered Beast and Golden Axe. The following weekend he took me shopping and we bought Street Racer.

I also remember that my Dad would visit a friend almost every Friday and occasionally he would take me with him... His friend had a chipped Playstation with lots of copied games. I'd plonk myself in front of the TV while he socialised... I remember playing Wipeout and Resident Evil: Directors Cut.

The chipped PS1 was so bizarre, we would load a real game, leave the lid open, place the PS on its side and use blue tac to hold a button inside the cd drive in place (as if the lid was closed) after the game loaded we could swap it with a copied game and it would run.

It's crazy how people figure this stuff out, but it worked nonetheless.


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I remember going to my cousins and seeing them playing micro machines on the tele and thinking what is this magic :eek:

But first time I picked up a controller ? I think Super Mario 64

mr starface

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Some pong rip off that connected straight to the tv followed by my VCS and playing adventure and maze craze. Also my portable Astro Wars.


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Probably Space Invaders in the late 70s, after that some games on a mate's Atari 2600, I think there was a Star Wars one. First game on my first machine would be Radar Rat Race (on cartridge) on the Vic 20.


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Probably Space Invaders arcade machine or at home whatever it was with 2 paddle controllers controlling two blocks, knocking a smaller block backwards and forwards.

Kids don't know how lucky they are nowadays.


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Played a game called 'Oh Mummy' on our ZX Spectrum +2. From what I remember it was a PacMan style maze game where a mummy was chasing you. Was absolutely terrified!


Space Invaders in arcades late 70’s then Sonic on the Game Gear when that came along.


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Pong machine at home 70s then Space Invaders/Galaxian arcades and then moved onto home console Manic Miner.
Very similar here. First game I bought, for zx spectrum, was Horarce goes skiing 🤣 World of Spectrum - Horace Goes Skiing

Then onto games such as Jet Pack Willy and Manic Miner


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First game i remember playing was probably Granny's Garden on the BBC Micro


First game i played on my own computer was Oh Mummy on the spectrum 128k



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