First few days with a Barco 1208

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Well took the plung and bought a very clean 1208/2. After the shock of the size of this beast, I was amazed how quiet it is.

As for the picture, well never had I thought this was possible, am still playing at setting up different blocks, but the nearest one I could hijack was fine for the D-ILA setting on my QS Pro.

Now I understand 3D image, this thing rocks.

Just got to get the bracket on the ceiling first, which will need to be mounted well as this thing is a monster........




I'm going this weekend to look at a 1208s.
I hope that the tubes are good conditon,
If so then you are not alone trying to lift up a 75Kg monster.

A frighten one :blush:


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I am attempting to put my NEC 10PG on the ceiling this weekend, all 105kg of it

:eek: :eek:


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dear god,
you'll need 10 people to hold it!
last year i had to take down one wooden/light decoration (120kg) from the ceiling, and three of us were not enough.
so be carefull , the whole garage could crash down :)

good luck


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Still got a sore top of the head from dropping the BG801s down from the ceiling for Alaric

Still now gotta sobber up from our working lunch. Ouch expenses got done for £150 for the three of us for just over 3 hrs and no strippers !?!?!?!??!?!??!

Still gotta 1208 to go home, plus a loving wife and daughter.

Just got to get there!?!


P.S. Watched Sky via composite - WOW, blacks like I never knew. Roll on a SDI modded DVD and a capable HTPC/Scaler


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Well now have it on the ceiling and it has not fallen down.......

Still got a lot to do on setting it up, roughed it in last night from scratch.

Geometry is slight out so still some tweaking to do, green way out of square.

Is there a way of squaring this up without using electonic's?

Still well impressed with it, fantastic .....................

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