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First ever setup


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I'm no big AV buff, but I tried my best (not bad for a 16 year old I don't think:rolleyes: )

TV: Sony 40" W3000
XBOX 360 via VGA
PS3 via HDMI
Speakers: Crative GigaWorks S750 -Wanting to buy a Creative DDTS-100 decoder if anyone has one for sale

Anyway here it is

Just need trunking for the wires and a paint job and I think it's time to save up for the car i'll need when im 17:rolleyes:

What do you think, comments and criticisms welcome:thumbsup:

EDIT; think this needs moving to the gallery forum, sorry got muddled up.

Mad Mr H

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Fantastic equipment well done.

When you look at trunking you can get "caps" that go over the ends, corners or even "T" junctions and a few others.

That makes joins and turns very tidy, So well worth picking trunking that can use those final touches.

Also worth thinking about, most people pick trunking based on getting the cables they have inside it - this is a good start BUT what is important is corners - When cables turn a corner in trunking they take up MUCH MORE space than when running in a straight line, So its well worth buying the next size up from what you think you need , ALSO best to aim for trunking to be 50-70% full on straight runs as well. In time you will always add thicker speaker cable, more cables etc.

I would suggest verticals to each speaker use 16x16mm. Run a main large trunking around the wall at low level - that might be 50x50mm.

Trunking comes in various forms sticky backed straight lengths are in my opinion the best to buy.

The Sticky back holds the entire length nice and straight, ones you drill in place often twist, Unless they are large size say 50x50mm or over.

You can buy trunking in a flat coil - ITS TERRIBLE STUFF - Steer well clear of that :smashin:.

I would suggest you mark the wall with a pencil and a good LONG LEVEL everywhere you are going to fit trunking, spend a couple of days once marked out just thinking about what you have set out and think of other ways you might be able to place the trunking - EVEN if its a really silly way you think of those thoughts often lead to a better final option.

Lastly - do NOT remove ALL the sticky cover and then try and stick the trunking to the wall - That will lead to the trunking catching the wall in the wrong place and once its stuck its very difficult to remove.

Instead, Cut trunking to length, remove only 2 inches (50mm) of the sticky cover plastic, Now place that end in the correct location, hold the rest of the entire length in place - this is best done with TWO people, once in perfect position, start to pull the plastic sticky cover towards the side, as the cover is removed the trunking sticks perfectly in place, PULL very gently so you don't move the trunking.

Its taken me over 20 years to get that right ;), So I hope thats a help to you.

I have to say I am amazed by some of the equipment teenagers have today, my paper round allowed me to buy the occasional VHS tape , Now found in museums :D.


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Welcome to the forum:thumbsup:

Damn nice for a first setup, especially at just 16 :eek:

Having a nice skilled job, I imagine we'll get to see your setup grow in size and quality over the next few years, if you can put up with us that long:rolleyes:


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