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I'm relatively new to digital photography.. and want to get a camera very soon. But I'm not sure what to get. These Products - LUMIX Digital Cameras - Overview - LUMIX G Micro System Cameras - Panasonic UK & Ireland
look very good and I may well get one of them!

However my last digital camera, a Canon, was very quickly overtaken in the Pixel quality by everyone else's mobile phone cameras!

Is there a way to "futureproof" a new digital camera to try to avoid it becoming out of date in a year? Or am ui living on cloud cuckloo land? Lol!


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I wouldnt worry too much about tomorrow. Todays cameras will last you a good 5 years or so. Its not all about how many pixels you have, its how your camera uses them.


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I wouldn't say change is happening that fast, yes phone cameras are increasing quickly in resolution but they don't compare quality wise to most dedicated cameras bar something like the Nokia N8 which has a comparatively large sensor matching the likes of the Panasonic LX5. Looking back over my older cameras I'd still any of them over a current phone camera so I wouldn't worry too much about that side of it.

Instead I'd focus on what you want from a camera, the micro 4/3 cameras you've linked to offer very good image quality compared to a compact/phone camera but at the same time there's a lot of tradeoffs. It's not an 'all in one' package so you need to consider whether you're going to be ok with changing lenses, carrying their extra bulk and the cost of adding further lenses which can cost more than the camera itself.



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Thanks guys that's all very helpful. Yes, and it's true that the quality of older cameras doesn't go down... they're just superceeded!

Decided that I'm going to go for the Lumix G-3:)

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