First European HD DVD Title?


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I left a note with them asking if it will be region encoded? Ie. '2' or '0'
As regional coding hasn't yet been established for HD DVD it's unlikely you'll get an accurate answer. We don't even know what codes will be used for the regions, the DVD Forum may keep the existing regions or they may follow BluRay with A, B, C etc.


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I couldn't see a release day.

I never heard of this project before, sounds interesting and from the images it looks really good.

I'll buy a HD-DVD copy even though I haven't got a HD-DVD player yet.


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I downloaded it in 1280x720p a while back, it's well done if you like weird, not sure I'd pay money for it.


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Having gone to the web site I'm confused. Is the current copy in HD DVD?


Nic Rhodes

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Well it is certainly odd but that is not the reason to buy it, there is lots on this disc and the extras actually look interesting for once, something every HD format could do when the film is only 10 mins long. The pick for me was the VC1 vs MPED 2 encodes and the 1080i v 480i encodes, either on their own or as split screen, both vertically and horizontally!! It is also the first european HD DVD and appear to play fine though it throw a wobbly first time I put it in the player but that might have been down to me pressing buttons :) I just ejected and re loaded and it has been faultless since.

For those interested in some eye candy demo stuff then it is an unusual disc, compared with The Searchers is is not as entertaining :)

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