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I'm thinking of buying my first DV camcorder. I want to edit the footage on a PC and transfer the results to a DVD-R disc. What hardware and software will I need?

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Ok well the camcorder won't need to necessary have a dv-in - just a dv-out. You'll need to be a FireWire or iLink cable to transfer the footage to your PC. Your PC will also need to be 'FireWire' enabled - you'll need to buy a FireWire card for your PC.

Ideally to edit footage, your PC will need to be a Pentium III or higher and have a high processing speed - not sure of exact minimum. You'll also need to have a good hard disk and RAM - again not sure of the exact requirements but What Camcorder (January) features a letter about this.

To burn your footage onto a DVD-R/RW, you'll obviously need a writer in case you don't have one with a speed of about 2x.

Software wise, you'll need editing software which the camcorder may come with - other good packages are Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle Studio.

Good luck!


For easy of use and the best software package i would go for the Canon MV530i this also comes with fire wire card as part of the package.

This is an excellent DV in and out camera for the beginner due to its ease of use

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