first dedicated room what colour paint?

do i paint the walls black or is there a preferred colour? it will only be used as a cinema room. would a very dark purple be ok? is there a colour that you all use?
should the ceiling be the same dark colour as well? what about skirting boards?
like i have said its a cinema room so ne need to worry about what her indoors says


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If it's a dedicated room, then ideally paint it black and cover the front part of the room's ceiling and walls in black velvet like 'Devore'. It's the first metre or so that makes the most difference, even if the rest of the room is quite light colours it would help.

If this is too severe, then dark grey, plus front velvet would be pretty good and much better than light magnolia and a white ceiling. More neutral colours are better incase some of the colour cast gets bounced back to the screen, but you'd probably get away with purple if you have the velvet for the front part. IMHO the skirting should be painted a dark colour as well otherwise it stands out like a sore thumb and probably would be distracting when watching a film in the dark as it will light up due to the reflections off the screen.

I'd have loved to have a dedicated room when I had my projector setup, but I did experiment with putting up a black cloth 'tent' (which simulates the dark walls you're talking about) and it made a huge difference to the picture, especially on brighter scenes. Best of luck with the project. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Just to add that this is if you are trying to maximise the image quality of the setup: Dark paint, trim and no reflective surfaces (ie pictures) in front of the viewing seat to distract or reflect light back to the screen. Ideally you should also dress head to toe in black. ;) If you want it to look nicer with the lights on for some reason, then allow for some compromise, but it's a dedicated room at the end of the day not a living room...
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Ideally you should also dress head to toe in black.

Got my outfit sorted....

To decorate my Home Cinema, I'm going to use canvas arts as they are primarily cotton I think, no light can reflect off them. I'm using a HDTV though with a bias light, so I have the wall that's directly behind my TV painted the most neutral Gray I could find.

I'd buy the proper paint that's D65K from America but the cost to ship is mad lol.
just bought a load of black accoustic transparent cloth to build the front part, gonna hide the speakers and sub, as well as the the amp,sky box et al.
pictures will be posted once its done:thumbsup:(unless it looks ****)

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