First Camcorder for £200;Suggestions?


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Im currently getting my self ready for university and have decided i would like to buy a video camera before i go just for bringing out with mates and so on but im really clueless as to what to go for. Im willing to spend around £200, but as my dad is a pilot who flies to the US every other week i could also import and take advantage of the weak $ and get a more expensive model (if i could get a uk power source and it is compatible etc)

The main features i would like are compact size and decent picture quality. I don't mind how it records the video as i will be transferring it and editing it to the pc, but i am conscious tape models are large in size.

If anyone could recommended any particular models or other sites that would be able to help me i would greatly appreciate it

Thanks in advance


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Ive edited the title to get more meaningful replies for you.
For the amount you quote, tape camcorders would probably offer best VFM.. and they arent that big
I am not endorsing them whole heartedly for you though as tape would require firewire for transfer in real time but if you dont mind they should be high on your shortlist
For a little more you could get a small HDD model which would have the advantage of tapeless, fast transfer to PC with USB but you may find video quality very dissapointing.
Card models and HDD which would perhaps be ideal willl cost more
Beware of "gadgets" promising fantastic video at this price point.. they often dont "deliver
I would look at threads on here with similar themes
Buying from the US may have advantages of price, power supply are usually universal but as they will be SD, it may be that TVs here may not play the NTSC footage on a PAL TV ( Particularly tape) , and warrantee issues may be a litle problem unless your dad is willing to take it back and collect if thereis a problem as the warrantees do not transfer across the Atlantic

Your previous thread had the Panasonic SR10 linked. you may have had no reply because
1) Maybe no one on here has one. It is new . Many folk who do want SD camcorders are looking towards Hi def
2)" Cheap camcorder" may equate to "gadget" and many folk wont bother reading it

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