First Buyer, opinions on this system?


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I've been looking around at various sites that sell of these kits and packages and it's all swell and stuff them telling me how great it is but I would rather find out from people who have used this equipment what they think.

Anyway, the budget: £400.

The mission: to find me a receiver and speakers including sub. Hopefully this kit will not be too pants, but I'm not expecting any Bang and Olufsen stuff here.

Anyway, I've been looking at the following package from HomeCinemaHeaven. The pioneer AV51. It's got a Pioneer VSX-C100 receiver and the Pioneer SV40 speaker set.

Cost: £350

Anyone know if this set is any good?

Would anyone be able to recommend me another set for a similar value but better quality?

BTW I have a Pioneer DV-350.




I should be receiving my pioneer HI 51 S tomorrow

Basically consists of Receiver + Speakers you mentioned plus pioneer dvd 454

So comeback tomorrow or day after

I 'll give you an idea how it sounds

Keep Cool in the mean time



There are a numnber of people on this forum who have bought the Yamaha HTiB-45 amp and speaker package for about £320, and most of them seem pleased with it.
The yamaha amp has more power so it should enable you to hook up more powerful speakers later if you ant to.

Alternatively you could get one of the following amps/receivers for about £200:

Sony STRDE-585
Yamaha RXV430RDS
Marantz SR4200

..... and then there are a whole host of sub/sat packages available up to the £200 mark.

I am currently also looking for a HC setup and am going with the 2nd option, Sony or Yam amp, and a sub/sat packge of my choice.
But there are so many sub/sat packages out there, and i can't find reveies for half of them!



Pioneer HC 51 S

first impressions very good

those tiny speakers are excellent and although they are one-way, the trebble is crisp and dialogue clear

The (active) subwoofer is quite heavy piece and with the level turned up to just above half, the baas is deep and excellent

PROLOGIC II with a good CD is a real revelation

all in all an excellent buy

Highly recommended for the price

(my previous arrangement was a sony DAV s500)

Any questions, I will be happy to answer



Hi It's the S V 40

Colour silver

I got the the whole system in a box got from empire direct for £412 (R2)

check it out at for 449 for multi region

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