First Buyer, opinions on this system?


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I've been looking around at various sites that sell of these kits and packages and it's all swell and stuff them telling me how great it is but I would rather find out from people who have used this equipment what they think.

Anyway, the budget: £400.

The mission: to find me a receiver and speakers including sub. Hopefully this kit will not be too pants, but I'm not expecting any Bang and Olufsen stuff here.

Anyway, I've been looking at the following package from HomeCinemaHeaven. The pioneer AV51. It's got a Pioneer VSX-C100 receiver and the Pioneer SV40 speaker set.

Cost: £350

Anyone know if this set is any good?

Would anyone be able to recommend me another set for a similar value but better quality?

BTW I have a Pioneer DV-350.



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Your best idea would be to use the search facility to look for previous comments. What I would say to you though would be that you should be able to get that package cheaper than homecinemaheaven. Look around eg unbeatable, techtronics or richersounds.

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