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need help. just built my first pc
Asus M5A78L USB3 mobo with an AMD phenom II x4 965 cpu
i cannot get anything out of the hdmi output. VGA is fine. i hoped just to plug in an hdmi cable and would get sound and video. and nothing. what do i need to do to get this working?

also going to install a nvidia geforce 9800gt, how do i do it?
earlier i slotted it in, switched on pc and got no video at all from both mobo or nvidia. cant install drivers as it searches for the card. but cant have card in as i get no video.
is there something i need to do prior to slotting it in?

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To get video from HDMI mobo you probably need to install driver / drivers first, you may need to connect via vga / dvi to get this done, this is all without the add in card installed

If you just want to use the card instead of onboard then it should work straightaway although it will only have VGA resolution, you have to download the nvidia driver to get it working properley


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I think you've got the motherboard wrong there, the Asus M5A78L/USB3 doesn't have any video outputs.

Generally you want to check that the motherboard you are using supports dual monitors (some will only support a single monitor at once and provide the different ports as a choice).

For the 9800GT issue it sounds like you've moved the video cable to the card, does the system start up normally and the windows chime play or does it stop earlier?


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ok so now gettin hdmi out of mobo but cant install my nvidia.
plugged it in, switched on pc no video out of nvidia or mobo
switched off, unplugged power to it and switched out. get video out on mobo ok.
so whilst on plugged power into nvidia, powers up. tried installing drivers but still wont detect it
anything im missing. something in bios maybe?

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