First 5.2 Setup - Should I buy this set, or is there room for improvement?

Graduating from a Vizio soundbar to my first dedicated 5.2 surround system. Currently living in a studio apartment (600 square feet, roughly 5500 cubic feet, concrete structure) - trying to build something that works here, but can last me long-term, in a home, etc. Spending a little more up front so I can, ideally, buy once and not feel the need to upgrade after a few years.

Uses... Television is a 77" LG CX. Apple TV. Xbox One X, but might upgrade to Xbox Series X soon. SNES and N64. 50% home theater, 50% music.

Shopped around in-person, asked around, researched, YouTube reviews, etc. for the past month... This is what I've zoned in on. Should I buy this set, or is there room for improvement?

  • Denon X3700H
    - Also considering X4700H, but for my uses, is it worth the $300 extra? Could also get X4500H for same price at X3700H, but I'm assuming it's safer to pick up a new model?
  • Revel M16 Bookshelves (x4) (Left, Right, Rear)
    - Including two Revel stands for the rears.
  • Revel C25 Center
  • SVS SB-2000 Pro (x2)
    - Have heard good things about HSU and Rythmik in this price range, but I'd like to stick to piano gloss black to match the Revel set... Have also heard good things about SVS PB, but I think I'd prefer the smaller SB for aesthetic purposes. Open to recommendations, though.
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Revels look great! Hope you have heard em.
I don´t know how you have planned to place the speakers, but if the surround sides come close to walls you could consider the S16 sealed models which would be better option if close walls and can be wall mounted. Same price, just sealed cabinets. And for the front M16 naturally. Just a thought.

You don´t necessarily need to buy 250$ Revel speaker stands. Look other brands if you find good looking ones cheaper. Check the height and that the top plate size is about similar to Revel stands then you are good to go.

50/50% HT/music i would take the X3700H and put the saved money on top of drawer and start saving up for some good integrated stereo amp to bring you music listening to next level with such nice speakers. Something which has HT bypass feature. You have so many nice options there in US and probably easily can get it for home demo so you will hear the difference then. There isn´t much between 3700 and 4700 otherwise. Try to get a good package deal with speakers and receiver. Ask few different dealers as there can be differences. Also christmas is coming soon, black friday even sooner so perhaps you can wait little and then do some crazy deal!

Looking Audioholics Bassaholic room rating 3000-5000 cuft is large room, over 5000 is extreme (yours is 5500) and one SB2000 got medium size rating. PB2000 got large. When you add second sub it will basically jump one class to higher then (+6db). I think the subwoofer decision is something you need to consider carefully cause it`s likely the first thing that drives you to upgrade cause if you haven´t heard what quality subwoofer can do for your system with blockbuster movies then you are in for suprise and you should really listen people when they say get the biggest you can get away that covers other bases. Typically in that size room ported model (x2) would be quite safe pick, but the PB/PC2000 Pro (x2) isn´t really pretty. The black oak/ash reminds me of 1990s, ugh! HSU VTF-3 MK5 HP satin black (799$) looks lot better and with a 15" driver offers amazing value/performance! The same can be said for the smaller sealed ULS-15 MK2 which would be ahead of the SB2000 Pro easily for less $! But if you crave that gloss black finish... Which is dust and fingerprint magnet!

But there is great benefits with SVS as you live in US. You have 1year upgrade program if the hunger grows and other goodies. So with that said if you can stretch it some and want to stick with SVS, pick the dual SB3000. It isn´t that much larger physically, but it should be worth the jump from 1700$ to 2100$. You are always giving bit of low end/deep bass with the small cab, but the SVS can hit really hard in the 40-80hz range and it will match many 15" sealed competitors there. You can contact SVS directly and ask will they get any SB3000 gloss black outlet items without blemishes. There is two now, but those have marks. They get returned products which are checked and are in mint condition. You save easily 100-200$ with these!

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