Firmware Urgently Needed Sony BDP350


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Hi All

I need to get hold of the firmware version UPDATA_07x021.ZIP for the Sony BDP350

I tried to update with a burnt disc in Dec 2010 and it just wouldn't progress the update. Since then I've decided to give it another go before ditching it. I've found out that this is a common problem when burning the disc from a mac. I've found a solution to fix it but need to get hold of the original file.

I'm hoping someone might have a copy stored on a hard drive they can help me with.



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Why don't you just plug it into your router and let it update over the internet?
If that's not possible:confused: try this newer firmware Downloads


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The problem is that it's hung on the update, so you can't get to any menus etc to get it to use the Ethernet connection. Likewise, I can't use the latest update because it doesn't recognise it. It got stuck doing the 021 update so that's the file I need so I can resume the update


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There is usually a means to re-flash failed flashes in most devices (e.g. its not in sonys best interest to brick your goods and need to RMA them) - but you might have to ask sony for instructions (unless its on their website FAQ) - often its a combination of pressing certain keys on power on and it will look in a certain place (e.g. a burnt CD-ROM or a USB key) and restart the flash.
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